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I wanted to put this together ( it’s a HUGE queen size) because like everyone else on the planet….I think we are all vulnerable, insecure in some area and it’s difficult to sometimes accept ourselves as we are.

I have a friend in Mexico getting surgery right now….and I have thought about this so many times. I am not brave enough (yet) to have any skin removal surgery. I don’t want breast implants or anything like that . But after losing 100 pounds…I have excess skin ect. I have always wanted a nose job….and I see I am developing a wrinkle in my forehead that is bothersome to me…….You get the idea…I could go on and on about all of the “improvements” I could make. But at what point would that end?  ( well the pocketbook would never let all of that happen anyway….but you get the idea)

I am not sure I will ever be the type of person who will just accept myself the way that I am. I can always find something wrong. However, I do realize that I do have more self worth and esteem than I had as a child or a young adult….because I just know there are certain things I won’t accept for myself. So that is proof enough to me that I have grown.  I also try to focus on the areas that I do feel more confident in so I don’t get bogged down by the things that make me more vulnerable.   I think vulnerability is good and it’s good to let that out. but only in safe areas. I don’t compare myself to super models and suddenly things are great!! LOL

At what age… what point in our lives do we just understand that we need to accept ourselves…that we are beautiful and that we have a purpose? I am trying to figure this out. I am trying to understand when this will click and all of the pieces fall into place. I look at my daughter ( I know, I am bias) who is beautiful inside and out. She is insecure, hates her body and struggles with who she is. Some of this is just normal teenage stuff, some of this is due to the massive amount of bullying she has received. I am just at a loss as to how to fix this. I can’t even figure it out for myself and I am suppose to guide and direct her? I feel like I am in the twilight zone.

If I don’t honestly know how to accept ME as I am…and be comfortable in my own skin how do I teach that to her? I just do my best. I take one step at a time to self acceptance and try. So I am.

I didn’t realize until recently just how much she pays attention to every thing that I do. So I am making the resolution to myself to not beat myself up in front of her, talk about all of my flaws or hide from every picture.  Yesterday, we went hiking and my selfie game is terrible…but when you are the one holding the’s kind of the way it goes. Every single picture I took of myself or that included myself, I wanted to delete. I never like any of my pictures. But I didn’t…I actually posted them on Fb and let everyone see every wrinkle…weird selfie ect. LOL It was a fun day that I spent with my Daughter, 2 dogs and my Brother and Brother in law.  Just being us.

So in this quilt I made the YOU pink because pink is my favorite color….and I chose a soft print to coincide with that you…it’s a really pretty print with branches little flowers and birds. Honestly, I have been hoarding this print for some time because I just love it. Typically, if I were to choose a pattern that represents me I would choose something loud with tons of textures, colors ect.   But let’s just say this is the softer side of me.

I think I am going to list a few of these quilts on Etsy to sell…as well. I love the message and it’s something we should all remember. We need to be ourselves. We are most beautiful when we are ourselves. We are all BE-YOU-Tiful .

I chose this backing because it’s one of my absolute favorites. I actually ordered more because I love it so much.

I hope you all feel comfortable to be YOU!!



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