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Well Rob and I have been putting off getting a new car. Anytime we think about it I start going into an anxiety attack. I hate car payments. I make one for our suburban. I didn’t want to do that and it took me a year to commit to that. I won’t ever buy a brand new car….what a racket!

I know a car is a necessity….and we have to have two. Rob was driving to Ritzville to drop off the boys last fall and his car caught on fire.  Well my friend Penny offered up her second car which was an old suburban for us to use….I bought it from her because I knew she needed the money …and I could make pmts to her.  Somehow I feel comfortable making pmts to my friends…rather than a bank.  I also feel more of an urgency when it’s my friends…so I had it paid off in 2 months.

Well some times Rob and I will look on-line and search for cars..but then we always get into an argument because he thinks if we are making pmts then we should go all the way and buy his dream car. I think we should think affordably and go for good gas mileage. He thinks because I drive the suburban that I somehow drive my dream car around town? Like he had to compromise to get me the suburban??? ha! We have a small selection of cars that we can fit 8 people into ….and he didn’t want a minivan..so that narrows down any chance of good gas mileage what-so-ever.  He also wants chevy…..and if he has to work on the car he gets to choose…so I am thinking…how is that a compromise..? Whatever. So we usually end up with not choosing anything…I am not even kidding that we have gone through this several times…about every 4 months. I just let it go and try again later.

So this time we got snippy with each other again on Sunday. On the way to church I explained why I want to buy a car….So I said ….lets make a compromise. Either you can buy something we can easily pay cash for right now…or you can wait it out until we can save a very sizeable down paymt. He thought about it for a day and decided to buy a good commuter for the cash we have. That was a good compromise and exactly what I needed to hear..so I wouldn’t go into an anxiety attack…..so I got funds in order. Told him to be on the look out. Everyday we would find something that didn’t work out..but the cars go so quickly on craigs list…our area must be really hot right now..looking for cars. If you didn’t call on it and look at it right away it would be gone by 5 pm. We have to drive a distance to see anything. Or Rob would find something wrong.

So anyway Thursday he found two he was interested in…both in opposite direction. We were only going to have a chance to look at one. They were both priced properly according to blue book. He checked out the specs….called on them ect. we decided to drive further and look at the 99 Lumina LTZ. It’s the same car he had before ( the one that caught on fire)..this one is leather interior, Green and a year newer than our other one. One owner…low mileage. It’s in great shape! It was very well taken care of…no worries we can ruin it and make it look lived in with a few weeks…LOL! IMG_5419

Rob named it “AVACARDO” ….I think he got the name off of some commercial and he thinks it’s funny. The car is more of an emerald green. I am glad he got something comfortable that he likes. I am glad I don’t have to kill my pocket book monthly to pay for it.

Marriage is about negotiations…sometimes it takes us a long time to get them worked out…but we eventually do.


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  1. The Rob June 18, 2013 at 6:33 pm - Reply

    That’s not exactly how it went down. It was either look for a cheap car NOW that I can live with or spend thousands of dollars on a car you agree to LATER that I probably won’t be happy with later. Some choice/compromise. Contrary to popular belief I am not in compromising. I met the compromises she gave me 6 months ago and she still rejected my choices. So now I get a whole new set of compromises and the compromises I already met are NOT counted as compromises but are now requirements? I feel like in being used…and not in the usual good way.

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