Auction Update & other details

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I got an offer for 150$ ( on the auction quilt)

just to let everyone know.:)


My goal before the weekend is out is to make a new tab and  list all the quilts I am going to sell to benefit my mission trip. My local quilt shop is going to host a sale for me the week in September but that is cutting it a bit close cause I need 2/3 of my money by 9/9. I also feel like I should offer quilts to all the people who support me everyday on here as well…so you get first pick.


In other 4 boys are leaving tomorrow to spend 2 weeks with Landon. Carl is going as well..he isn’t not Landon’s child….but because of our good working realtionship…he will take Carl every now and again because the brothers are thick as theives and it’s hard on them when they are apart sometimes. Carl gets bored without them. So I will have only teh 2 girls for two weeks..seems strange..they are the easy ones to take care of…they aren’t as busy and they entertain themselves.

I also went to the hair dresser today…I cut off 7-8 inches of my hair….It’s a bit short…..but at the same time it grows fast and I needed a change. Kind of scary. But it looks good…and I feel a bit more sassy!

Thanks so much!


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  1. The Rob July 19, 2012 at 9:14 pm - Reply

    Yea….that’s exactly what you need. More sas…

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