Anyone Up for a Pillow Swap?

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I decided last night I would really like some new throw pillows. I bought some at Wal-mart. You know that store that I LOVE to HATE? I love it because it’s the only store in town..but hate having to support it along with all the trouble it is to shop there.  Honestly, I really do love it because I would hate not to have it all…if I lived in a big city I would probably only shop at target…just sayin.

So I decided I would really love to have a wide range of pillows. Lots of colors and variety what better way to do that than have a swap and have pillow from all over the place…from gifted quilters just like you?

So here is what I think….

We swap one pillow a month…I  will assign partners by the first of each month and we have to send out our pillows by the 25th of the month…that way by the first we know they are deliverd safe and sound and we can start a new swap guilt free.  We can sign up month to month….so if you know that December will be busy month you don’t have to sign up….right? easy as pie.

I think each month we can decide if we want a theme…..and the only other thing that I would say is that we all don’t need to exchange pillow forms…we will just make the pillow covers…zippers or sham method….you can decide amung your selves….this saves on shipping and expense. anyone want to join me? Of course I will need a few otherwise it woudln’t be a swap….So let me know. I will assign partners the first so you have until September 30th to get your name and info to me. My email is ch******@ch*************.com

Super excited!




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