An Orphan Quilt…given a new life.

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Hi everyone…well I have been pretty productive today even though I am sick.

I know..I have been fighting a cold for the last week…last night I got a splitting headache ..which doesn’t happen often. I am not a person who gets headaches all the time so when I do it is really bad. So I woke up this morning puking. Nice heh?

I stayed in bed for awhile and got up. I didn’t leave the house all day because I am to afraid to leave without a bathroom in sight at all times. So It’s a good thing I wasn’t going to my Dh’s family. I don’t want to get everyone sick.

I got up and started just kind of working on some small things I have …table runners and what not.

But I have this baby quilt.
I bought it at a thrift store here in town a few winters ago.
I have this problem.
When I see a quilt at a yard sale or a thrift store I get sad. Especially if it is a baby quilt. I was a young Mom ( I know I am a hopeless romantic anyway….on top of the fact that I treasure to many things) but I still kept all of my kids special mementos. All the handmade baby blankets from people…even people that are no longer in their life. There are notes and pictures to document who made what. Clarissa just found all of the cards and ribbons from her baby shower. LOL I think it’s ok to let those she is 8 ….but for some reason I kept them.

Anyway this little baby quilt I think I paid less than 2$. It wasn’t finished, it’s poorly pieced and wonky…I don’t know how it couldn’t be actually. It’s made from old towels, some velor….and some other types of fabric I couldn’t begin to tell you what it is….It’s actually the perfect type of quilt for a baby because it has so many different tactile sensory type fabrics….that babies seem to like. I know it was probably just a scrappy made from old clothes and fabric that were around the house..which is also sort of sentimental to me…lol even though it wasn’t my house or my memories.

I didn’t want to go spend 25$ on some minkee to put on the back of a little quilt I paid 2$ for so I found this fleece that I had bought for another project. I bought a bunch to practice making a jacket for the girls..I rapidly decided after the first one I better stick to making quilts. What was supposed to be a three seam fleece jacket didn’t work out to well for me. LOL Well have our strengths and weakness” right?

So I used the fleece and gave this poor little quilt a new life…a purpose. It’s going to be bound and then given as a gift to a little baby. I don’t know who yet….But It makes me feel good. Even if it isn’t the prettiest quilt…it is still charming. I can fill my imagination with so many stories of how it was made and how it ended up in a thrift store. Which are way more exciting than how I actually make and construct a quilt from start to finish myself…..So the 2$ I paid is totally worth it for the memory.

I have issues with it…..It makes me think of Toy Story 3 when the old toys are given away…I cried. LOL I can’t help it. I know…..

Well one person’s trash is another person’s treasure …..

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