An Easy Lap Quilt

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Well I have never taken pictures of these before..I have actually made several of these quilts for my family….my In-Laws…adn especially my kids. My kids LOVE minkee and havinga  quilter for a mom they always think they need new quilts…especially Clarissa. She goes with me to the shop and always finds a new fabric she loves..and thinks she needs another quilt. This is a quick easy thing to satisfy the “need”

We buy 1.5 yards of a focus flannel..then 1.5 yards of the border/binding fabrics then 2.5 yards of minkee.

I cut the strips for the border either 5 or 6 inches and frame in the focus piece..then I throw it on the frame with batting and minkee..quilt it up and it’s ready for binding.  I made these for my In-laws in Christmas of 2010 …so my DMIL asked if I would make one for her sister for this last Christmas..Uhhh I am a little late. I would like to say I have all types of excuses..but I kind of just forgot until I started digging through my stash and found the fabric. But I am late with everyone else’s gifts too….so   we will just say that she will be way ahead of the Christmas shopping in 2012.

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