All We Need is LOVE

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Hi friends,

well I missed church on no’s actually been awhile since I posted a sermon because of the holidays….and work.
I have been reading my bible. Christmas eve because our house was full and she slept with us…I read quite a bit about Jesus’ birth to Clarissa. It was maybe my favorite part of Christmas. I love those tiny details…the ones I will remember forever even if she doesn’t..she is young enough to soak it all in….ask questions and at least act like she is interested.

I remember a long time ago..Cole was 5 or so..and we were processing apples..we have gotten 30 boxes of apples for free I was canning and what not.
Cole was helping me make apple pies…..he said “Mom this is really special isn’t it?”…it melted my heart. I said “yes…I will remember this forever” …He said “me too” ..I actually doubt he does..which kind makes me sad..but it’s ok cause I will. It is hard to imagine my teenage boys so sweet anymore…LOL. Somewhere along the way they turn into perverted pranksters that love to toot and laugh about endlessly. But I digress.

Our church is heading into a series of being baptized in the Holy Spirit, having spiritual gifts and that type of thing. I have my own reservations about this…but I am open to hearing about it. I think this is the type of thing that causes confusion and also divides a church. Of course silly things like carpet color and music can divide a church…so that’s nothing new. Keeping a church together comes by God.
I am not the type of person who will force my beliefs on anyone else….I will listen and study and draw my own conclusions. However…if someone else gets the same information and draws a different conclusion…that is perfectly fine as well. Honestly. I don’t lose any respect for them fact I think I have MORE respect for them because they decided for themselves rather than go along with what other people say. It is not my job to judge or decide how someone should believe. That is crazy and honestly only God can handle that job…LOL Not little ole Charisma. So I think that is where we are right now. I think I am going to start my own study I can share that here rather than the Sunday sermons until this series is over. …..

You know one time I went to Vegas..( I am sure I have shared this before)….I wasn’t one of those wild people drinking 5 foot margaritas..LOL. I didn’t even drink one drop. LOL Wow what a partier right?
But while there there were 3 guys with microphones on the sidewalk preaching…fire and brimstone…I am saved. They tried telling me I needed help?? LoL I politely said “Ummm I am saved…” I really wanted to say “You guys are doing this all wrong!” You attract more flies with honey than vinegar ..right? It’s more about being an example to those around you. Do I believe “Sin” City needs help? Of course. But how did Jesus do it? With love….not threats. They made themselves more of an obstacle than really helping people. In my own personal opinion.
However…if these men feel God put that on their heart to go out and do that…who am I to really say anything? I just kindly walked away…..I can’t judge them ..even though in my own mind I did…right? I think that is a natural thing for us to do…..but then in the recess of my own mind I have to reason it out….why do I think this? Do I fear this? Why? Do I feel confused ? Uncomfortable? Where do I go from here….what I came up with is this…..
It doesn’t matter where I go, what I think or what I feel…what matters is that no matter what I go at it with LOVE. Love is the bottom line right? God is LOVE…..eternal LOVE. If I keep that as my focus everything else will fall into place. That gives me peace. That fills me up and I can go on..even if my fleshy bad side wants to judge, be afraid or confused. Love conquers all.
That is a true gift!

So those are my thoughts for the day….I hope it all makes sense. Blessings to all of you!

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