Affection Sew A Long Week 6 ~ part 2

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HI Everybody!

How are things? We are on the finish line. Next week is borders and finishing.

How fast was that?

Here’s a little information

  1. You can purchase the pattern here. 
  2. I have a few kits available in my shop as well if you’d like a planned version.
  3. If you’d like to join the FB group to share progress photos and be a part of the community you can join that here. 
  4. I will be posting twice a week. Tuesdays and Fridays. We will be making 1 row ( 5 blocks a week) and then we will have a week for borders and finishing.
  5. At the end of the SAL for the people with completed quilt tops I will do a drawing for a winner to get their quilt quilted with an Edge to Edge design on my computer. Or I will give a 75$ credit in my shop. Which ever you prefer. I may offer up random little prizes in the group as we go along as well.
  6. You can also share your progress on Instagram #charismascorner #affectionquilt
  7. Have fun!!

Here is a picture of my original Affection quilt:

Here is the button for the SAL:

We have had a terrible week. I am not really in a position to share the news that we have gotten but it’s life altering. I am thankful for sewing and quilting. It saves my brain. I need the distraction. The down time and the accomplishment ,,,when I feel like I haven’t gotten anything else done.

I hope you all are finding your own therapies as well. Quilting seems to be a good one.



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