A Weekend of Quilt Tops

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IMG_4076So this weekend I have 4 completed quilt tops.

How is that possible? Well I only pieced one myself this one:IMG_4079 IMG_4078 IMG_4077


It’s a quilt made from my Amy Butler scraps…cause I can not waste one inch of my Amy Fabric. This is insane I know…but I will rarely mix them in with my other scraps either because I just think they need not fraternize with the rest of my stash …LOL. I also have a hard time using my AB stash unless it’s for a project I LOVE or for a project I know I will keep because it is so hard for me to cut into. I keep trying to tell myself that I will love her next line as much as the last ( which is usually the case) but I still have a difficult time. I am more likely to use the cuts I have if I know I can get more locally. Hence the teal butterflies in the sashing. I just bought five yards of that and I have used it in the last week ( well I have a yard left).

Anyway I have to say that the pattern was less than interesting to me..Here is the original pattern…..it was a free pattern.IMG_4093

But on the back page they showed it in more my style and I have been saving my scraps for this….and I love the look of the quilt. I made it bigger…knowing I had more than enough…in fact I have more scraps….but I didn’t want the quilt to be queen size so I need to make another scrap quilt using my AB scraps. Oh darn!IMG_4094

These next three quilts are trade quilts….I just love that even when I am not piecing ( which is most of the year) I still get the opportunity to own some of my own quilts. Quilts that I would work on if I had time. But also because we all have different gifts and strengths…I lack in the piecing and  hand work category…however…I can longarm quilt…right? so why not trade? Nelle made all three of these quilts tops for me..I gave her the patterns and fabrics..and she put them together and did all the hand work. I am in LOVE!   They are all Bunny Hill Patterns. Nelle lives in Spokane ( my howetown) and Carla ( my bestie) met up so Carla could bring these to me….How exciting! I can’t wait to quilt them. my “To be quilted” bin was almost empty and in the last week I have filled it to the brim. But good news is my scrap bin is now dwindling down again…so who can complain? IMG_4092 IMG_4091 IMG_4090 IMG_4089 IMG_4088 IMG_4087 IMG_4086


This one is Bunny hill and it’s called “Catch a Christmas Star”

This next one I had a difficult time getting good photos because of the light fabrics and teh way the lighting is today…but it’s very soft and pretty…LOVE! It’s Tisket Tasket by Bunny Hill:www IMG_4071 IMG_4070 IMG_4069


This one is “all things Christmas” by Bunny hill. I love this..the original didn’t seem that cute on the pattern…but I just knew that was the fabric choices…this one is BEAUTIFUL! Love the stacked Snowman! IMG_4085 IMG_4084 IMG_4083 IMG_4082 IMG_4081 IMG_4080



So it looks like I was really productive..but that’s because I have help! LOL I am so blessed!

Thanks much!



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