A New Week

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Thank Goodness for new beginnings right?

Well I have so much to post because I have been neglectful of my blog ( computer work in general). I don’t know why? trying to focus on work and housework and yard work. It’s fall and we have to get things prepared right?

Rob and I planted the trees. They were so HUGE when we hauled them here and to the back yard…cause they were in these huge pots. After we planted them they are barely as tall as my hip and they look tiny planted. LOL But I took a picture of them. So once again..I spend all this time making a fabulous blog post and it doesn’t save. I get so frustrated with this. Maybe that’s why i need to take breaks every now and again? It gives me time to forget about the pain of frustration. UGH! Anyway can you see the little trees behind the fence? and swingset? It’s so sad that this swingset used to be used every day..it was such a huge part of our kids yard time…and now it sits empty, broken swings and all. It’s a sign of the ages of our kids. I have 3 kids in high school. UGH!

So fall planting has taken place…and it will be nice to see how the trees look this time next year. The fire last sumemr wiped out everything on the hillside last year. As you can see our house over looks our small town… it looks pretty at night because of the lights..but during the day is a different story.

I love this time of year. Fall means nesting and getting ready for “quilting season” right? But I love fall because of the apples, apple cider, the warm colors and the crisp air after sweltering heat. I think I just love that whole nesting thing too.

I have been getting some quilting done..I will share pictures later because I need to get moving after I have spent all this time here already…i will try to come on after quilting meeting tonight.

But I have to say I have been searching recipes….I made a great eggplant casserole last night

I sliced the eggplant to quarter inch slices….

I browned some hamburger, minced garlic and onions together. after that I drained it and added 3 huge chopped tomatoes and cooked that for a bit ..then added a jar of spaghetti sauce with extra basil and thyme. Let that simmer for a bit.

Then placed a layer of eggplan in an old baking dish, then placed a layer of the beef mixture the sprinkled red onion slices over the top of that with parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese and seasoned bread crumbs…..I continued with all of these layers until all the mix was used. Then I baked it at 375 until all bubbly and melted. YUMMY!


I also found this recipe last night….I have to try this…but I better run a marathon first. Just saying! You can find the recipe Here well I had better get some quilting time in. Have a great day!














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