A Few Days

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Well it’s been a few days and I am just truckin along. I didn’t spend much time in the studio because I helped with a class at the LQS on Saturday.

I skipped out on a car wash to help my Haiti Missionary. Rob and Carl went…and they earned quite a bit! YAY! Our church is really small and it seems all the same people do all the work. Which I think is pretty typical of any organization or church. So in order to boost some moral I ordered pizza for dinner for all the workers..that way they may feel more inclined to show up at the next function. :) We had lots of new faces …so I thought I would give that incentive.

I have all of my blocks done for the curve class…I just need to put them together and get the quilt top done. It wasn’t planned …Cindi asked me on Friday..so I went home finished the quilt on the frame..and started working. I did make a mistake..which won’t keep me from putting the quilt together…UGH! But it does play with the design a  bit. But that’s what I get for cutting a quilt out at ten o’clock at night.

Sunday was a relax day. Our sermon was on tithing. Our Pastor hates preaching on tithing because people get funny about money ( I agree). He wanted to give the scriptural references regarding it and also point them out in the New Testament because many people say it’s not referenced or not the same as the old testament.  The OT talks about 10% the NT talks about giving sacrificially.

I have to say I struggle with this …within a “religious” perspective. If I tithe with a  check I get a printout at the end of the year that shows how much I have tithed all year long. If I give cash that is not recognized…..aren’t we supposed to give freely without anyone really knowing what we give? It’s supposed to be between me and God.  I know within my heart I give freely, happily and from my heart. But I don’t like a number assigned to me. I don’t like anyone keeping track of me. To give sacrificially…I feel I do. But I hate that I have to worry about what my fellow Christians are saying about me? Because they can’t see it. They aren’t meant too….so I am just going to keep doing what I do and know that I am doing the right thing. God tells me when I should do something and I do it. I think it’s between he and I. That’s all I have to say about that.

The rest of the day I sat in bed watching movies and I napped. Not sure exactly why…just needed the rest. I think I am a bit low on iron. I sometimes struggle with anemia and I can really tell when I am low in iron because I really just want red meat. I was really feeling that way yesterday….and I slept a lot.  I know I need to take supplements…but I don’t . I don’t really like to take any pills or medications. So I just rested. I feel ok today. I just need to eat something and get back to work.

It’s still raining here. We had a few good days over the weekend..but its back to gray. Rob’s work finally started harvest….about a month late. So he’s working overtime. Good for the paycheck….but each year he feels it more and more..he hates to admit how old he is..but his body doesn’t.  They have also started a new program at work…..honoring an employee. Rob is the first one. YAY! I know it feels good to be noticed and be praised for your good work. Rob needs that every now and again to keep going. He used to work in places that just killed his spirit..and now he is celebrated. I can tell you that it is much better living with him. But I also think it has a lot to do with life choices that he is making. Serving God, stepping out in faith and serving others. God blesses you in unexpected ways. So I think its all just blessings!

Jeri stopped by for a minute to pick up some paperwork that she needs. We talked for a bit. She is clueless. She thinks she has a handle on everything because she doesn’t understand cause and effect. It’s very painful to watch. But no longer my problem.

Preston has started “the change”…He is my youngest son…and quite dramatic. He is also aggressive and a perpetual victim. He needles and pokes everybody until he gets a negative reaction and it is never his fault. Now that he is hormonal everything is magnified by 1000. LOL He and Bryce are a lot alike…but Preston will be worse than Bryce and I am just not sure I have energy to fight this anymore. Not only that Preston has resorted to calling me names and trying to hurt me that way. It reminds me of my family quite honestly. I don’t call my kids names….and I don’t treat them this way. I surely hope when these boys go off and leave home they grow out of this and treat their wives better.   The blessing in this is that oddly Bryce has calmed down quite a bit. Maybe he is over the hump of this and he is getting testosterone regulated. The middle boys Carl and Cole. They may have a breakdown every now and again but it is more internalized than aggressively acting out….Thank God!

Clarissa is 10 so she will start her hormone battle before Preston’s ends……..I need strength at that point. She is also going to be a handful. I may not make it. LOL

I hear from my brother last week. No news…which is good..I guess. He ‘s hoping to get bailed out soon. his girlfriend is working on that. I won’t help with any of it…but I will be a listening ear. He knows I won’t help him..so he doesn’t even ask. We have an understanding.

It’s Monday folks! I gotta get up and at em! Have a great week!



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