1966 Mustang

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Ok So today didn’t go as planned..I was planning to stay in my studio..catch up on some work…get some quilts ready to mail out in the morning….didn’t happen…cause we had to go to Spoakne and pick up Rob’s new car. Rob’s new …old car. A 1966 Mustang….


My Aunt got married in November ,,her new Dh got a job in Florida….so they are selling off everything and renting out the house…..so Rob decided to buy this car. It will be a good project for he and the boys to work on..it will never be a show car…or anything he just wants to fix it up to drive it around..of course the boys are near to driving age..and they are excited to work on it so they may be able to drive it “someday’ as well.

The floor is rotted with rust…and the trunk..good news is …it came will all the new parts to fix all of it…so they are ordering a tool ( welder) so they can start replacing them…the engine is well and working…Rob wants to adjust a few things….so everything else ¬†they need to fix is cosmetic…it will need a new paint job. The boys have it all figured out and Spring break is next week..so they will be making their plan of action. Kind of exciting for all of them to be working on something. So there is a “BUZZ’ going on in our house..Bryce of course can start drivers ed right now..so he is uber excited ..he is thinks we will fix it up and sell it to him..so this can be his everyday car..LOL. Ahhhh….well.

I worked on my felted women project while in the car…and feel like it’s coming along well..I just forgot my embroidery book so I had to kind of limit it to what I knew..but at least I got some more work done on it.

It’s a new week..and Spring break is creeping up……Easter…my favorite holiday.

I am trying to decide if we will do our annual flashlight egg hunt or not..it will be the first year that we don’t if I choose not too..but I have so much work to do..and my kids are getting older..but it’s hard to break tradition.

Well time to get some quilting done…Have a blessed Sunday!


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  1. Karin March 26, 2012 at 7:54 pm - Reply

    SWEET ride! How exciting for the boys (all of ’em!!) to have a project they can all work together on!!

    Go ahead & do your flashlight egg hunt – the kids won’t say it, but they really enjoy it, and it’s well worth the “trouble.” When we all lived together (it’s been a while, as our kids have their own kids now, plus we’ve moved halfway across country), we always invited a few friends over and dyed eggs (from our own hens, of course) the night before Easter. Our kids really looked forward to that year after year (of course, I never knew that for sure, until we didn’t do it anymore, and they missed it!!). One year, we had live baby bunnies and little chicks to add to their baskets and the girls really went nuts-o! I always did wonder how those mamas knew how to schedule their little ones’ birthdays to coincide with Easter morning?? That was the only year we had both sets of babies at the same time!

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