To Grandma’s House We Go

Robert made this for his Granddaughter and wife. Robert is the quilter in his family.. he takes care of everyone and surrounds himself with Christians. IMG_6053

So he makes quilts from Grandma….to grandma and all of his friends far and near. 🙂IMG_6054

He even made a special quilt for Beth. Beth and he worked out an agreement for bindings and a special quilt I will show later ( after it’s quilted) IMG_6052

It’s so adorable!

This is the picnic quilt Robert made for Beth. All the lady bugs have a picnic theme that Robert embroidered for her. IMG_5951


They are arranged every which way …that way no matter where you are sitting on the quilt there is something facing you. Pretty neat right?

IMG_5952 IMG_5953

They are both such special people…and it’s amazing to see how we all come together by way of (God) thread and needle.


I work with the best most generous people!



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