How does it happen that I can’t ever get back here when I need to?


I had all the best intentions yesterday. But when I came back to the computer Clarissa had procrastinated with her math homework and needed the computer and I couldn’t very well say “No”. So there ya go.

However….I am super busy this morning and need to get back in the studio..so Ireally need to spend some more time on here today….probably tonight?? LOL


I have some pictures to post

They are both from Lavonne and the first is a GFG. It is so sweet! I just love it. I kept the designs simple becuase all of her hand work really needed to be the center of the show. So simple swirls, stippleand loops.


The second one is a cross quilt. You know the “one” I have quilted this several times…since I presented my own…it is just so beautiful and everything it represents..I think many others fell in love as well. My original one is listed here…it’s also on QBand one I quilted a few weeks ago here

So here we are again….it’s beautiful..this one was made using 4 inch squares. The funny thing is that I tell the people who send them to me to choose scriptures for me to quilt in….and every quilt has includedthe samescripture ..that must be God. This quilt is being gifted to a girl in Lavonne’s church. We all need to pray she find comfort in Jesus.

Blessings to all of you!





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