Scrappies and happenings

Well today I had a slow start…I couldn’t just get it together..LOl. Every once in awhile that happens right? YOu know my mistake? I just didn’t get in the shower and have one of those relaxing moments of starting my day. I got up because Rob came home sick again…and just started my day. IN sweats looking like yuck…and feeling like yuck. Then I went to the shop to deliver quilts….and stayed longer than expected since I was avoiding work…..but I did manage to get this done before I left:Another little tablerunner..I cut it all out weeks ago and it’s been sitting unfinished. This fabric is vintage fabric I got last year sometime….and I have several yards along with some other…I just loved the fabric….but very thin and probably not the best fabric for a tablerunner in this house causewe actually use them and wash them all the time.But what good are things if you don’t use them?

I also got a few other quilts quilted…YAY! I met my goal for today. But There was one quilt that I fell in love with today. I will be posting it tomorrow ( churn Dash) …I was so blessed because I asked the owner if I could possibly buy her pattern or get the Info…and she ordered one for me…so sweet! I am always surprised at how generous people are….I have testimony everyday about how God blesses me and I love that! It makes me be thankful every day..hold me accountable. I firmly believe that when you bless others God blesses you ten fold. I don’t ever keep score because I can’t…but I like to recognize the blessings bestowed upon me so I can give thanks.

I also feel like I am in a good place as far as work…I am keeping up pretty darn well…and I think I will have time to get everything done on my plate so far..which is a really good feeling. I really hate disappointing anyone or turning down work ( So I try not to do either of those things)….so I am kind of conservativeand I just honestly think it always works out….So I hope everything goes smoothlyand then when I get back everything can go back to crazy…LOL

I have also decided I will never get a grasp on my scraps. They just multiply! That’s all there is to say about that….it’s never ending..even when I send them out into the world….there is always a huge scrap bin…it sure doesn’t take long for it to fill. There is another bag going to Annette next week… that will help a bit….:)

Well I can’t wait to post pictures tomorrow…..until then…..I hope you can’t count all your blessings





2 thoughts on “Scrappies and happenings

  1. Youpee….can`t wait to get new scraps…lol never thought I `d get excited about scraps…ha ha ha….always fun to see all the different fabrics and what i can come up with….looking forward….can`t wait to see what you`ve done with my quilts….you are so talented…I love everything you do…….blessings to you!!!!!

  2. This is a cute runner…love the quilting. Glad things are running smooth thus far for you…I know you are getting excited about Hati..How long will you be there? Blessings T

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