Road to Genny

Well Genny has done it again…..Genny has sent us so many quilts..I think she has had quilts quilted by almost all of my team members..and each quilt is so different and beautiful!

She has been finishing her UFO’s ( just like me) and taking advantage of the January special…This one is made from batiks..I am a batik collector..cause I don’t use them often..I don’t know why? Well probablybecause everything I make it kind of like bubble gum is probably why..LOL. when I sit down to make something I use fabrics I fell in love with which always looks like bubble gum colors…Bubble gum just makes you happy right? Unless you are pulling out of your daughter’s hair….or off your son’s dinner plate….LOL

I digress.

The name of this pattern is “Road to Home ” and funny enough this one will be on the road monday…

I quilted with she had requested an all over..which suits this pattern well and I just wanted to give it that earthy/organic feel of batiks..I love that look. I used a charcoal colored thread to blend in with all the fabrics.


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