Lilly&Will Baby Quilt by Tisha

Tisha sent this baby quilt for LAQ. I think Bunny Hill designs has the BEST line for baby’s called Lilly& Will For Moda. They hit the nail on the head with those colors& designs. You can choose different combos for boy or girl…I keep saying if I were to decorate a nursery in my near or far future..I would use this line. I can’t decide which colorsI like best though.anyway Tisha made this for a girl and it has minkee on the back…so soft and cozy. Beautiful.

Minkee Back


I quilted an all over feather design …it just kind of screamed that to me. LOL

I tend to always use batting with my quilts that have minkee..because it acts as a buffer between the cotton and minkee..and Ithink it just looks better..some people don’t like batting ..but i think just a thin layer is enough to stabilize everything and keep it all straight.

That’s just my personal opinion though…. *wink*


2 thoughts on “Lilly&Will Baby Quilt by Tisha

  1. That looks so comfortable with that back and yes the fabric is beautiful, but of course your quilting just makes everything perfect…love it!

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