Well I have to say yesterday was the best show of my life.



Well because I got to meet so many of you!

Shout out to the WOMBATS! You gals are amazing and fun….and just so sweet!

Deann….so sweet and kind!

And prairie quilter…..you are just as I imagined you to be…so sweet,soft and kind…..there are so many others…..

I was overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness that so many revealed themselves and treated me like sister!

I met so many of my customers……and I just teared up because…..well I don’t know? It’s just me..I’m soft like that…it’s all just so meaningful……and fun for me. I would have never imagined that I could inspire people in the way that I do. It’s a God thing…..I am giving him thanks and praising him!

Today is the lastsay of the show…..so I will share pics and stuff when I get home. Please pray for traveling mercies….

Love you all.




One thought on “Hi

  1. Charisma,
    It was fantastic to meet you after admiring your work for so long. Was fun chatting about Leavenworth and hearing all your good thoughts on the Innova. See you at MQX!



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