Hello Friends

Well today was a busy, busy day…I didn’t even have time to get out of my sweats…nice huh? Thank GOD the ladies at bible study love me for me..cause I was smelling a bit funky today..honestly. I ate a piece of garlic toast as I was running out the door …messy hair and dirty sweats..sounds appealing right? WOW!

That is what happens when you work from home…you are busy doing what you love and time escapes you…see there is a benefit…maybe not to anyone around me…LOL But still a benfit for me.

Tonight at Bible study we went thru the first 3 chapters in proverbs, we shared our stories from the week. ..praises! So many Praises of what God has done for each of us and to think we don’t even know the half of it every day.. right?

Other than that today was a day of quilting…quilting and more quilting…trying to get all of the Christmas quilts finished up and shipped out …need to make deadlines.

I hope all is well with all of you..please keep me updated on prayer requests..we are getting into a hectic time of year for everyone…I think of all my quilting friends who have lost ones and the approaching holidays will be difficult..I won’t name any of you…but just know I am thinking of you and praying for you.


Many blessings






2 thoughts on “Hello Friends

  1. Thanks always for prayers…I have been reading proverbs myself and have had you on my heart…love your dedication to the Lord and trying to do what you think he would want you to do. Keep up the good work girlie your doing awesome job. Have a wonderful day….T

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