Donna’s Sun Rays

Donna buys me lunch every week ( unless I take the bill) She has for years. I quilt for her.

The bad side of me quilting for Donna……is that she getsput into the pile of “when I have free time” LOL….guaginig from my last post…..yeah.

Sothere have been times when I have had her quilts sitting for 6-8 months …she has to wait that long for me to have free time to quilt for her. I know. Well this particular quilt she was REALLY excited about..she gave it to me a few months ago…..and she didn’t really want to wait. I knew that… I did finish it for her last week. Donna doesn’t like heavy quilting..which is also difficult for me to really know how much quilting I am allowed to do without going over the edge..LOL. This quilt could handle lots of quilting….it’s a Judy Niemeyer pattern. I kept it simple though.

Donna loves it..she already has it bound and she is hanging it.

Blessings! I will be having lunch with her today…I think lunch is on her!

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