Bee-utiful Quilt

This is my BEE-utiful quilt.

There was a free QAL on the Moda Bake shop site last summer. Each week 2 blocks were released foe embroidery and I thought they were so adorable. You can still get them if you would like to make the quilt. 

Each block features a bee and a theme. Bee-Simple, Bee Sweet, Bee Happy ect it was very sweet. I wasn’t in love with the Moda line of fabric that was featured with the quilt…..My friend Deb had gifted me some Art Gallery fabrics that were actually Bee themed and the designer is Bonnie Christine..I absolutely loved them. I purchased a few more and  used them for my quilt. They look kind of vintage and I love the soft color pallette. It screams “Charisma”

I love hand embroidery and it was easy for me to keep up with the designs each week…but as always it takes me awhile to get my own quilts quilted. So although I knew how I wanted to quilt it…..I just didn’t have the time I wanted to invest in it.After I had done all of that hand work I knew I wanted to spend the extra time quilting how I had envisioned.

One of my favorite fabrics in the collection is colorful honeycombs ( hexies) I was actually going to use that to frame each stitchery…but when I looked at it it was to light and it would have blended too much. So I had to use the gray with the yellow hives. So I thought I would use a hexie in each square as I quilted.

I tried to use them differently in each scene…to personalize them. But also I tend to get bored if I have to do the same thing over and over again. So it’s better for my mind if I can change things as I go along. To keep unity I used the same size hexie for each block and did some pebbling. I just really like when I can find different ways to use the same design…and I was successful. I could use part of the hexie, off set it, center it….however. I wanted it to accent the scene in each square. I was so happy with my finish. 

  I used continuous curves in my little squares, l’s in the little orange hive borer. and i quilted flowers in the last border to frame it all in.

I did use 2 layers of batting to help define everything.

I am pretty happy with everything…I still even have some of this fabric left…which really makes me happy because I just really fell in love with it.

I really wanted to get our own little bee hive but it’s against our city ordinance.  blah! We need bees and they are endangered…so shouldn’t they be happy to help ? I have no idea….why they won’t let us. But I was sad by that.

I guess this is the closest I will get to having my own little hive. 🙂

at least it’s cute!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Bee Happy!



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