Bee-Utiful Quilt

This Bee-Utiful Quilt was made by Holly. I few summers ago the Moda Bake shop did a weekly sew along ( the pattern is still there if interested) and every week we all got a few of these embroidered squares to work along. I was a part of it and loved it. I kept up the whole summer…on the blocks. But it took me awhile to actually get my quilt—-quilted. Well …you know because my stuff is usually quilted last. 🙂 I love these types of sew alongs because everyone there are so many different ideas, colors and people put their own spin on things.

Holly did as well. When ever a cat was featured in the blocks she changed it to a Yorkie and drew a puppy. This quilt is a memory quilt for her beloved dog. I totally get it. 🙂 I didn’t realize it when she was stitching the squares..she shared that when she sent it to me for quilting…which just makes it more special.

I quilted each block different. Each block has a theme….Bee- Kind. Bee-sweet. Bee-adventurous ect. It’s a fun quilt.

I also quilted L’s, Continuous curves and framed it all in with a feather. It’s adorable!

Isn’t this just adorable? I love the rainbow bridge…That has to be the sweetest..

Thanks Holly! I am so glad you trusted me with such a special project! I was so pleased with the finish and happy to be a part of it. Happy memories. I am not sure I would make it through each day without my pups and I know how special they are.  Unconditional love on earth. 🙂

Blessings to each of you tonight!


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