A Little Bright Spot in my Day

Well this doesn’t make me look like a great housekeeper..good thing I don’t define myself as one..LOL I really wish mine hadn’t quit on me..I really need an Alice…

{YOU know from the Brady Bunch?}


But the rule is if the kids want me to read or sign anything they have to put it on my computer desk..cause iam ready to concentrate once I am there..if I am busy doing something else..I don’t pay attention to things very well..I am to focused on what I am doing. …and Let’s face it..I am at my desk several times a day…so I found this today when I sat down….



One thought on “A Little Bright Spot in my Day

  1. That is funny,,, believe me you could do this in my house this week on just about any surface…not usually but the last couple of weeks dust has been the least of my worries….just don’t have any sweet notes wrote in any of it..lol

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