Weekend in Review

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I always have so much to say. So much going on in my feeble mind. I fell asleep early because today was exhausting….now I am awake. I have been up for a few hours and finally decided to quit wasting time in bed trying to sleep when I could just get up quilt and get work done. Work isn’t pressing me. I am not really sure why I am stressed or can’t sleep. I should welcome sleep.

Today was filled with different things to take note of.

1. Great sermon at church today but what ended it was an interactive activity. The Pastor asked us to get into small group. Then we  were supposed to share a rough time in our lives when we knew God was there. Rob and I were the only “adults” in our group …we happened to have 3 teen boys and a 20 year old guy.  I knew we probably weren’t going to get any real in depth feelings from these guys. The oldest guy has lost both of his parents to death and he still hasn’t fully accepted it. 2 teens were brothers and they have lost their mom to drug addiction..being raised by a single dad. they explained how as soon as they lost their mom…other family and friends have stepped in to help take care of them. Carl was also part of our group. He explained about the windshield last week adn he was scared to tell dad…..but knew I would be easier to tell and he didn’t want to get yelled at…God answered his prayer. Then Rob spoke. Rob was actually in depth and vulnerable I was surprised. Then I had shared my testimony of abuse as a child. What Rob didn’t hear before we had started sharing is that the group would decide who would share their story in front of everyone.   When we all voted for him..he was ANGRY! Like cussing angry ( in church?). I was upset because i was so proud of him for opening up. Then his panic of having to speak publicly took over and he became somebody else. But he did it….I could see some faces of people who knew that was a rare occasion and he got through it. He wasn’t as open as he was in the small group setting but I stumble over my words when I am speaking publicly as well…so no fault there. I was just happy he took the next step. He is 38 years old and just now starting to open up. It’s heart-warming. Especially considering what he shared was that he had prayed for a good woman to come into his life and love him and love his two children…and God brought me to him. AWE! Mushy and sweet I know! But so good to hear. I have to say I thought it was cute too because Carl said “I feel like my story is nothing compared to everyone else” …I told him that they are all as equally importnat to God.

2. I went before some members on the church board to get their encouragement to start the process of getting into ministry. The weather here is bad ( although I love it) and most of the board didn’t attend church today. We had just enough to file a motion (without the Pastor). I have to say it didn’t go as planned. I can’t share details cause that wouldn’t sit right. However what I will say is that God had already prepared me. I love him for that. Whenever you take the leap of Faith…..when you step into that boat…..there is going to be spiritual warfare. You can’t predict where or how it will happen. But it always does. Why? Because Satan doesn’t want you doing God’s work. When people start to realize that God is in control …then things will fall into place as they should. I am not boastful. I am not prideful. I know where my strength comes from. I know that God prepared me for this time..that meeting….and I am happy to announce that despite the troubled water …I have been granted the opportunity. It will be a long process. It will have it’s ups and downs…..I have lots of schooling. To GOD be the GLORY!

Saturday we spent the day just kind of relaxing. We were waiting for company that never showed up. Distant family that was here from out of town…..and they made plans and left us hanging. It’s not my family or Rob’s so I will no longer be accommodating them. That’s rude. They apologized and I accept that…..however I know its all just superficial so why waste my time? As I get older I realize it’s not worth it. I had invited Walt and Victoria over for dinner. That is always pleasant. All the guys went to a movie, The Hobbit. While us gals stayed behind and talked. Of course that’s why we do best. It was heartfelt good stuff. The dinner we ate was so yummy! It was prepared by Penny. My friend and I that do a meal exchange once a week. That is working out so great! We didn’t eat her Friday meal because we had plans at church so I saved it for us to eat Saturday. Perfect day!

This is my week to take meals……and I am so excited. All my shopping is done ( except for a few things) and menu is complete. I am also delivering to Walt&Victoria….just a little thank you for all their hard work. They only live a few blocks from me ( like right between Penny and I….Gotta love small towns right?) and it is no big deal to make a meal for two people when you are already making for 15. So why not bless them? Tis the season!

Bryce is not feeling well. They came back from Landon’s and he was tired and stating that he isn’t up to par. I hope it’s just a matter of over worked..he has school, basketball ect. He already had teh flu..I don’t want another strain hitting my family. It’s almost Christmas.

Speaking of that I have several quilts to finish up personally for next week. I have lots to accomplish so I better try to get some sleep. Please say a little prayer. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!








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