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So when Rob changed the door and took the old door off….he was going to take it to the dump and I wouldn’t let him. I had a project in mind.

He was upset with me because this door weights 309 pounds of solid wood. For one thing he hates it when I keep adding to his “honey-do” list ..especially when he thinks I am replacing something that is perfectly functioning. LOL! there is a method to my madness. Mostly.

He also said that my new fiberglass door is not going to hold up to the apocalypse….when my solid door would. **eyeroll** However…he decided after taking the old one out and putting the new one in….that the new one is installed a lot more securely than the old one. So I will sleep easier knowing that. LOL


I am sure when the house was originally built the door was probably a stained wood color. I have no idea…but assuming by the way the rest of the house looks that makes sense. It fit with the theme. But when we bought the house it was painted a bright purple color. Then we painted it beige. Then I painted it red. So I know that much history. We took the original handle off when we input a security system…which in all reality the old handle was way prettier than the basic one that came with the security system.

All of this about a door. crazy I Know. But I am crazy sentimental and romantic in my mind. I wanted to preserve this door and turn it into a momento. I am not sure anyone of my children will care about this or maybe someday I will have a grandchild that will. But I want to keep this door …it’s pretty…it’s still good. But I wanted to turn it into something I could use. I couldn’t cut it because I wanted to preserve the flower panel in the center. So I thought turning it into a shelf would be pretty. I can take it anywhere I go in the future. I changed the door knob to something pretty and decorative. When I was looking for shelves I decided to up-cycle some wood we ripped off of the deck. It was painted the color of the gray ( the old gray trim color) and it is actually distressed wood. Rob didn’t understand why in the world I would do this. insert another eyeroll. I tried explaining it is shabby chic and looks vintage. He asked why we had our house painted if distressed and shabby chic is stylish because our whole house was shabby chic. LOL ugh! He is killing me!

When I was getting ready to paint it I was trying to decide if I would use crackle paint or chalk paint. Roo told me “eweeee……crackle paint is out I could only use chalk paint” Ok well then…chalk paint it is. I already had some anyway. So I painted it Paris grey ( Annie Sloan chalk paint) and used my clear and dark wax to distress it. I got a little crazy…..but in the end I love it.

So now we have this beautiful momento we can take with us anywhere we move in the future. The door of our first house….the door that all of our kids used as they were growing up. A little piece of our history. I am going to write our story on the back..dates , names, address and some scripture I want the future to know….just because this is special to me.

I am crazy sentimental about these types of things. I treasure all of the things from my family. little things. My aunt gave me some mugs from my grandfather’s restaurant and I love them! Like seriously. I think they lasted this long simply because they were supposed to make their way to me. He died 20 years ago. I never met him. When I went to meet his family and hear about him..I felt so much connection. Anyway, I don’t think she will ever know how much I actually treasure those types of momentos. They are on my list of “treasures” for sure. So honestly…I feel this way about my door. we can paint it, update it and change it…but it’s a piece of our history and lots of love & memories.

So there it is…my new-old door. Thanks for following along. Now I have to re-arrange my house to put this somewhere. LOL




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