The last Sunday in 2012…

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How is it possible for 2013 to be here already? Time is slipping by the moment. Some days I wish I could go back ten years…and just recapture all of the moments..good & bad. I have now lived in Ephrata for 10 years it took me a LONG time to accept this place. LOL  Now it’s oK…I don’t mind it. I have created such a great home for my family, I have great friends, Rob loves his job, and its a good place to raise our kids.

What I love about this place is that…nobody asks me for ID when I go out to eat or shopping…cause we all know each other. Whenever I go to town I have to get my ID out and prove that my credit card is my own. I am not complaining that is good….it’s just comfortable at home ( cause I don’t have to).

Toady was a great message at church. We are still in the book of Matthew. Today’s scripture was on Jesus casting the demons out of a man ( men) and into the swine that then ran into the lake and died.  The first thing that we learned is that there is a discrepancy in scripture between Matt and Mark’s accounts. They are subtle…but that doesn’t matter because we know that God’s word is Spirit -inspired. But translated by man…so there will be a few. Just as there may be some flaws in the written word..there is also flaws in us. God uses them both as tools to unite in his mission. But the lesson wasn’t centered around that..I just wanted to share my Perspective.

Anyway when Jesus approached the man he asked him if it was time. The demon recognized that Jesus was God and he was asking if this was when God would conquer the devil and fulfill prophesy.  They weren’t told..they knew. Then when the people were told they wanted Jesus to leave…Why? Because they thought their pigs (possessions) were more important. What? Really? Our Savior? But also the man that was over taken by the demon for so many years was also not even cared for by men….humans are supposed to  have a higher ranking than animals. It’s sad to think about.  Anyhow what that shows us is that 1. The devil is alive and well. He works in us, around us and he knows our weakness’. 2.We need Jesus to conquer that. We need to believe that Jesus died on the cross for us.

After the sermon we gave testimony. How God met us where we were and brought us a new life. Everybody has a different story. They are beautiful. Why? Because there is light in darkness. We love a coming of age story..or an underdog story….and that’s what they all are. I love relating to people. Also what I discussed with a  fellow family member today is that each of us compliments one another and fulfills a need without our church body. That is no accident. I know from my own experience that is how it is for each one of us. Each person is planted right where they are supposed to be. We all have gifts and talents that need to be used for God’s glory. We just have to let them be used.

Rob and I got into a debate today…it’s over 100 comments on FB and in the end he was right! I must share that because I have to eat humble pie. I really hate that he was right. I study my bible more than he does and he got me. It’s all a heart issue. Churches have split apart over stupid things like carpet colors. The bottom line is this….It’s about a personal relationship with Jesus. Keep it real. So I am right in my own way…but I had to concede let him win….and watch him brag and be a sore winner. UGH!He was so happy he was right for a change I had to tell him…he was right. LOL

I didn’t get into the studio today…I worked on my bible study lesson. I am leading a women’s bible study on Monday nights starting next week. Sally brought over some lessons from her study last year. I have a book series but it only has 12 women..Sally has studies on several I will just use her lessons after we go through the first 12 and we will have an overall picture of most of them..I am excited. I also did some cooking….and arranging. Game playing and facebooking. How can that hog so much time? I have no idea?

I also had enough interest to start a second Round Robin I got that all set up today. I will post pictures of my center tomorrow…I have one in mind..but trying to decide if I should mail it..I just love it so …I think it will make an AMAZING round robin…i just don’t want to risk losing it. I have lost a few before..all to the same person who keeps lying to all of us that she will send our quilts back..its been a year..they aren’t coming back and it breaks my heart because she used to be involved in many things and she was trust worthy….but you just never can tell. But I am going in Faith..I have spent much time with all the people involved in my current groups and they are good peeps.

Well I keep getting interupted..I am going on a few hours of sleep…so in order to get “work” done tomorrow before the church party I should get some rest. I hope you all have a wonderful New Years eve. Blessings





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  1. The Rob December 31, 2012 at 2:06 pm - Reply

    I wasn’t really gloating. You are just so used to me allowing you to be right you aren’t able to be a good loser. That’s my fault and will be remedied in the coming year. In fact I think that will be this years resolution….to stop allowing you to win so much and show you how to be a gracious loser.

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