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Yesterday we had to go to Wal-Mart. UGH! I try to avoid that place and just go once a week….cause…well you all know why. Do I really need to explain it every time?

Anyway we had to get garbage bags because for some reason my children who have certain chores don’t think to say when we get low on something to say “Hey Mom…we only have three trash bags left…you may want to pick some up when you go to wal-mart” Instead they wait until we run out so then we have to make an ER trip. I hate that.

So we were shopping along and decided to wonder around a bit…just to make sure we didn’t forget to pick up anything else. Plus I wanted to get some more veggies for our salad last night….while I was there anyway. IMG_5844

So we came across an end cap that had these sparkling waters. I have tried the lemonade and the raspberry lemonade before…..But the coconut caught my eye. I love Coconut. My very favorite Italian soda is Lime & Coconut. I don’t get them very often..but every once in awhile..that is my go to treat.

So all of us liked the coconut….the lime was ok. But we decided to mix the lime and the coconut and that was our favorite concoction. We thought 1/3 lime and 2/3 coconut was the best recipe. Lots of ice! Makes a yummy drink on a hot day!

They are only 84 cents a piece..so even if you don’t like them they aren’t a huge investment. IMG_5843

All of us {that are home} really like Iced tea as well. I made a gallon of it yesterday morning in fact. But we thought we would try this half and half sparkling style.   It’s pretty good…it’s not a real tea ( of course) so it’s not going to give you the same satisfaction that tea does…but it tastes good if you put it in the category of soda.

So just thought I would share the **new find** at least to us. LOL


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