Sunday Sermons 1/29/12

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That’s what todays sermon was about. I was a bit shocked today listening to the sermon. I don’t want to get into any religious wars..or debates. Or beliefs systems. Cause in the grand scheme of things I think that there is always going to be something that we don’t agree with at any church we attend…everybody interprets things differently. It’s the variety in life that spices things up and makes it interesting right?

I mean,  lets take rice for instance. Good ole plain long grain white rice (or brown or whatever) if you boil it and serve it…it’s a simple meal and tastes good. Add some gravy even better. Or if you go to a mexican place and you order spanish’s still rice just a different flavor with their garlic, tomotoes and peppers…yet if you go to a chinese place and order fried are going to get some bacon, soy and ginger..maybe a few veggies..either way at the base of each dish is rice. I myself don’t care for fried rice..but I LOVE spanish rice….some could say well it’s just rice eat it…but that flavor makes a bit of difference as to how heartily you WANT to digest it right? But I will still eat it if it is served to me…especially if God is serving it to me. He knows what is best for me. But GOD will never shove it down my throat and he won’t MAKE me eat anything. Free will. We all have free will. Just like if he tells me spanish rice is bad for me…I shouldn’t eat it ( Eve and the apple right?)…I need to listen. If I got a batch of rotten rice….God woudl wnat me to steer clear of that right? He wouldn’t wnat me to eat something harmful to my health so he will gently guide me and tell me ..Don’t go there…don’t eat that.

But at the heart of it all there is enough stuff that we do agree on in the bible that I think we can all just love eachother and not get caught up on other things. The rice. Plain ole rice. We all agree that it’s great. K.I.S.S. ( Keep it Simple Silly!)

So Rob is still awe struck that the very message today was the message on spiritual gifts.   He asked me if I had asked about it or gone into any great detail with anyone this week about them…lol. NO. I think it’s God getting them out of the way for us. Letting us knwo we are safe and sound. We had a meeting with the Pastor after church to understand where he is coming from and explain what his interpretation of gifts is…and it’s right in line as to what I think they are.  So I am satisfied with this church so far. LOL. It goes back to how we felt about our last church..God is so AWESOME that everytime we hear a sermon ( it seems) it is geared right to where we are..he is meeting us where we are and bringing us up. He is working within us and refining us. The great part about this Pastor? He wants to be held accountable. he wants us to ask questions and he will bring out his bible and tell us where he is coming from. He is not just going to throw scripture at us and take it out of context..he will give you the context and tell you why it applies…that is fabulous!   So they now have a youth pastor in the works to start a teen group…and they are working to make a difference.

Today’s sermon along with gifts was talking about hearing God’s call for your life. Everyone has a calling…..right? God takes us where he wants us. We have to have a relationship with him in order to hear his call. Then he uses our gifts. SO what is my gift? I already know I am in the thick of my journey with Christ. He has done so much for me…you have all heard it before. But I came this far dragging my feet not knowing how he was going to use me..and now I am much more faithful to understand that his plans are so much better than my now I just submit myself to him….Nothing is easy in this life…but I can honestly say it is much more difficult doing it my own way.  Of course all of or many of you have been with me on this long journey. I started out on a private forum just giving my daily crumbs.Thinking I was so safe..because nobody I know would be able to find me..LOL. Good and bad struggles of parenthood, my self discovery, my relationship with Christ, my marriage and quilting ( my art)….quilting is certainly a gift. Some people would say that talents aren’t gifts?  Hey I disagree! I had it all within me..the ease in which I pick up certain things..I stuggle in some areas..but who doesn’t when they learn new things? But I would certainly say I didn’t have as much of a curve as some others…right? Through the gift of quilting…other gifts I have, came forward through that platform. I had no idea…who can plan that? certainly not someone like myself. I can assure you. BuT again God does the greatest things through the weakest people.

So I just ask that all of you sit in the word. Your gifts will be revealed to you if you don’t already know….and then once you know your gift you are called to use it for good. I try everyday.

Well I will get back to some work now…Rob went to pick up a few boys….I have the leftover taco soup in the crock pot …the house is quiet..perfect Mom time.

Sunday Blessings to all of you!






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  1. Teresa S. Lowery January 29, 2012 at 8:35 pm - Reply

    You do have special gifts and I think you have more than you realize especially for someone so young. I have missed church for several sundays ( not really sure why…some of it has to do with husband being home and us doing so many things that go undone when he is gone) no excuse Sara and I were there every wed and sun since before mom died, I just need to get myself back into HIS house and hear HIS WORD. I have been reading my Bible and writing and watching on TV but I need to get back to church. I have been avoiding people and staying home for days, sometimes week at a time. Love hearing about your sermon sundays. I have finsihed the small piece ( not as happy as I wanted to be but just pray to get better and better with practice. Blessings T

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