Summer Plans

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So I have decided that this year I am going to make plans…in fact I am getting my plans ready now. I am going to commit to hiking 2 trails a week in Central WA.

for a few reasons:

1. I need to keep myself in shape

2. I like seeing new things. Experiencing new things

3. I need to fall in love with central WA. I really dislike Central WA. I love trees and green and mountains, water…you know, anything life giving. . In central WA it is brown desert and trees don’t grow naturally here. They are human planted. It’s brown , it’s ugly and uninspiring to me. I actually have doubts that any amount of hiking or experiences will make me fall in love with the scenery….but I am going to give it a big HUGE effort. after 2018 if I still don’t love it ..maybe we {central WA and I} can have a mutual understanding of this and I can just appreciate all of the things it does have…. :) Things like my family and friends. LOL I love Spokane and Northern Idaho….I think that is just where my heart lies.

4. I need to get out of my bubble more often. So I am going to have to drive to these locations. I think it is no secret to everyone..I hate driving. I hate road trips. I try not to go anywhere out of town…LOL. In fact I try not to go anywhere except once a week.

So there are hundreds of trails when I go to WWW.WTA.ORG

Even limiting it to central WA there are 5 pages with 30 trails on each page. I can’t possibly get them all in in one year/summer..I am probably going to go through spring-summer -fall. But still that’s a lot of trails. So I am limiting it to a few areas. I am going to concentrate in one region and keep moving on from there. I like lists..I like marking off items on my list and that site has them all listed so nicely…so I made a list to conquer!

I am just going to commit myself to doing 2 a week rain or shine and make it happen. I committed to a vacation in England last year and I saw more of England than I have of my own region. It shouldn’t be that way. I should invest in my area. So here I am ….committing to that.

I am also adding a few hikes to my list that I have just wanted to see…..when I was 13 and arrived in WA state for the first time ( well I was born here left at 2..and came back) we drove from Seattle to Spokane ( that is across the whole state) and I remember seeing the Wild Horses Monument on the side of the mountain ( it’s like 35 minutes or something from my house) and I thought I want to see that. After all of these years ( 27 of them) I have never been to those horses. It’s less than a mile walk. So I am committing to do that this year. For no other reason than I have driven past those horses dozens of times and they aren’t magical to me anymore…but they once were and I need to see them.

There is also a Petrified Ginkgo forest ( one of the largest in the world) in central WA and I have never been. I should really visit that…since it’s so close and all.  I have heard about it…but I have never been. Isn’t it a shame that I see all of these amazing things around the world….but I neglect the amazing things in my own backyard…..Are we all like that?

well no more. 2018 is going to be me connecting with the world around me and my bubble.

So if any of my local friends would like to join me on any of these adventures…contact me and I will be sure to let you know my plans. :) I would always welcome a fellow hiker and friend.

Many blessings


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