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Hi Everyone!

How’s things?  Things have been busy here….kind of slow quilty wise….January usually is. But it’s been busy because of life. My brother is trying to buy a house in Ephrata ( where I live) he’s being displace by the city of Seattle because they are building a freeway through his home. They aren’t giving him a huge amount for his home….and it’s been a struggle trying to find something he can buy in his budget….and ultimately make his forever home. We are praying we can do that but time will tell. Hopefully, good things will happen this week. I have been so stressed about so many things I have put on a few pounds. It’s not an overwhelming amount…but I don’t want it to get  to that’s enough that I can’t zip up my jeans….so I am back to working out and eating better. Water aerobics and swimming, zumba and jogging-walking.  trying to get into a routine and making myself accountable.

Also just wanted to let you all know I have been doing some Live stream videos on FB.  I am going to try and do those every Friday at 6:00 pm my time ( Pacific Standard Time). So if you have questions or any topics you would like discussed please send them to me..or join the conversation. You can friend me on my personal FB page. You can also catch the previous Live Streams on my Business and personal FB page. You can friend me…and join us.

I have also added a few new videos on my YOUTUBE channel. We are working on some more of those as well.

I also have several quilts to add to my Etsy Shop. I am just waiting for it to dry up a little outside to take pictures and get them listed. But I do still have a few listed if anyone is interested. I am also going to list a few patterns and try to start de-stashing a few things. I want to try and feature something weekly.

But I am going to give a 25% off Discount  to all items in my Shop right now:

Here is a link to my Shop: HERE

The sale is from Jan 28-FEb 27…so if there is something that you have maybe been interested in buying…now is your chance. I am thinking I will start working some shows ( here locally) to start selling some of my excess quilts as well. :)

So anyway…I am hoping to post some new things soon.

I hope you all have a super fabulous day! I will be getting back into my routine and posting more frequently on here. :)







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