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This is Sacrifice. My latest pattern release. I have it listed in my ETSY shop HERE.

So I have lots to say about this quilt. I love a quilt with meaning. If you look at most of my designs there is usually some sort of quote or message within the quilt. This is no different. I am a Christian. I am a proud Christian and I want that to be reflected in my work.

I went to Quilt Con in 2018 and I had no idea what was in store for me. I thought I was going there to be with “My kind of people” Which meant the modern quilting community. I am part of a modern quilt guild and Quiltcon is the largest modern quilt show in the world. I love modern quilts. I love that there are no rules and people can create.

I knew there was some political quilts. They have them all over the place. What I didn’t realize is that they only represent one side. The MQG also has a “Diversity task Force” ( I could go on about that..but I won’t). If there is supposed to be diversity and they even have a task force shouldn’t you see diversity? There wasn’t. So I was a 40 year old woman feeling like I didn’t fit in somewhere. I haven’t felt that way in I can’t remember how long. I am accepting of everyone. I don’t feel like anyone should be oppressed. This is a juried show. So if that is the case and only one side is represented that means there isn’t diversity. So while I was going through the show each day I was searching for anything that represented me or my beliefs. I was talking to my friend, who was feeling the same things. I decided that I would design a modern Christian themed quilt. I woke up in the hotel the next morning and this was in my head. I drew it out, right then & there.

I know it is simple. But the message is great.

I am glad that this is the quilt that will start off my 2019. I am not sure exactly where this year will lead me….but I have many more quilts with great messages coming along.

Many blessings to all of you!


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