Onward & Upward

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This is my latest quilt pattern.

I love a bold design that can be made quickly. The yellow can be switched with your favorite color. I actually had a difficult time choosing the 2 yellows ..I had looked at greens, aquas, orange….ect. I finally decided on yellow….because it’s one of my faves….and I don’t often get to showcase it.

I sometimes have a difficult time naming quilt patterns….but this name just resonated with me. I think that no matter which battle that I am facing if I keep moving onward…I will eventually be able to move upward.

It may take longer that I want or hope for…..but eventually it will happen. I keep telling myself that. :)

so keep climbing those stairs…and it will come.

If you’d like to purchase this pattern or shop in my ETSY shop…here is the link: ETSY

I hope you all have a blessed weekend!



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