Notting Hill Medallions

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So  a few weeks back Jenny from Sew Kind of Wonderful offered to give us a free pattern if we all wanted to do a QAL ( Quilt Along) and of course many of us who have her ruler ( & several of her patterns) thought that would be a great idea.

So I signed up. It was going to be 16 blocks for 8 weeks. Totally doable. That was for a lap size….I decided a twin size would be better…because I always think bigger is better. Kind of like Dolly Parton says   “More is more” ….that’s a great motto…right? Anwyay they are only in week if any of you want to join in there is still plenty of time! Just go to the site.

Anyway I was super excited to make this…..I wanted to use some of my stash. I use that term loosely. I have a sickness….fabric addiction. I was looking in my studio and came across my “Notting Hill ” Fat quarter bundle. I got this for Christmas from my friend Sabrina. It’s a line by Joel Dewberry. I love JD fabs. Orange is Sabrina’s favorite color. It’s not mine…it’s not that I don’t like it..I think it just hasn’t ever been on my radar. But I was so excited when these fabs came into the shop because my LQS owner….doesn’t like orange or yellow…in fact she likes green and blue. I tend to gravitate towards warm colors. So to see this GLORIOUS set of Modern fabrics in warm colors….I kissed and petted them! LOL IMG_5818

I think that’s why Sabrina got them for me…maybe?

So I was excited that we could use fat quarters for this quilt..and decided these would be the ones. I was debating on orange or a dark purple that is in the fabrics for the frame..and chose orange..why not go for Gusto! WOW! what a ZINGER!      I ran out of fat quarters and had to go back to the shop to get a few more to make the size of quilt I needed. then I got a few more to replace them in my stash….see the sickness? I just decided i loved Notting Hill the more I worked with it. I don’t know what is wrong with me? IMG_5819

We could choose to add corner stones… the pattern. I opted out. The reason is because I like the negative white space..and I will capitalize on that while quilting…but also because I think it’s bright enough and I didn’t want to add any more.  IMG_5817

So you should check out Jenny’s blog and the flickr group. There are so many pretty quilts in the works….fun times!

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  1. Karen July 22, 2013 at 7:19 pm - Reply

    Wow, I really love this quilt. I, like you, am a fabric and orange is my very favorite color. This quilt is just gorgeous.

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