Judging others

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This is a saved post that I am typing..so I will be able to share with you while I am gone and not able to write.

This last Sunday my Pastor gave a sermon on judging. It was kind of interesting because it wasn’t the usual sermon about how we shoudln’t judge others.

I have to say “judging” is such a difficult but easy thing for us…isn’t it?

It is so automatic….and yet we have all been scorned by some sort of judgement at different times in our lives. God is our judge…Jesus sits at the right hand…the mercy seat. Thank GOD!

But I have to say the people who judge the most harshly are the Christians or hypocrites…..aren’t they? sometimes trying to un-do the damage that has been caused by believers is the worse part of my mission. I can’t say that I haven’t done it myself….but I have been asking God to hold me accountable so I can be better. Here’s my own personal issue. I will judge…until…..I get to know the person and than my heart changes. You never know what a person is going through until you stop and listen….and love. It’s not up to me to decide “when” to let that happen or force it. I just need to take “me” out of the equation and not judge automatically…right? This is very difficult. However, that child that was raised in trash is inside and can love the unlovable. Or what others deem unlovable. These are the times that I am thankful for the “bumps in the road”.

However……this is the usual sermon the one that talks about how we need to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and then love them..and not judge them. If we judge them harshly we will be judged with the same harshness.

This time the sermon was about how we should judge. huh? Not in  harsh bitter way….but in a loving way to hold someone accountable to God’s way. We have to use discernment and God given truths. Are we abiding by the same truths? are we judging ourselves first? Are we qualified to give judgement? When we point our finger at someone it’s usually because we are upset with ourselves. The only time we can lovingly judge is if we are trying to further the kingdom of God. I personally don’t really feel this is by getting posters and picketing the Gay rights movement or sitting outside of an abortion clinic.  How is that loving? How is that showing light? I think we really make more of an impact on people when we are an example……when we live by what we believe. When we love people and accept them for who they are. That’s what God does with us. He knows us on the inside. He loves us despite what we think or do. We are supposed to be like him.

But why do we need to judge? To hold ourselves and others accountable.  that’s it. That doesn’t mean we don’t love them through it…..that is our number one calling. Judge doesn’t = hate. Judgeing means helping them see the light…and work towards it.

This is why i like counseling. I love my counselor because he shoots it straight. Don’t beat around the bush…just tell me how I am….and I can deal with it. This is why I pay someone to tell me the truth and hold me accountable. I have a few friends that can do that with me as well. Sometimes we can’t see outside of ourselves…and we need to know in order to grow. It may not be easy…but it’s part of the process. I think the whole problem with judging is that we tend to judge the “wrong’ things. The way someone looks, the clothes they wear or first impressions. Or we judge only certain things…we get on our soap boxes and stick to them.

For instance…something that I have a hard time with is bad mothers and pedophiles, rapists. I am pretty sure I could never work in a prison and witness to criminals ..like some  others do……there will have to be much more refining within me to be able to see the “good” side of those types of people.  So instead of further damage to God..I will stay away from that type of mission work and focus in areas that I should and can focus on in a loving way. I believe God reveals to us what we need to work on..and when. Perfect timing always.

So when you think about yourself..and take inventory of you and your core truths. What do you judge harshly? what can you sympathize with? Where can you be a light? Are you holding yourself accountable?

At the time of this posting I am on my way to a village. Going through many poverty stricken villages…..to get to my destination. I am sure I have already seen more than I think I can handle while I sit in my comfy chair typing on a computer doing my everyday work.   I will be loving…..I will try to be a light and I just know within me, before I get there, that I will meet many happy people who have the light within them and they will be receptive to me as much as I am to them.

God made this appointment. Just as he is making this appointment now for you to read this and discover how you can be a missionary in your own everyday lives.  Our own house is a mission feild…our work place…and our daily interactions. This is so true.

Perfect timing…..always.





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