Huckleberry Jam

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Northern Idaho..where the Huckleberries grow wild!

Rob is from Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho. It is beautiful there..I would have loved to move there..and we would have if things wouldn’t have fallen into place a few years back…but that didn’t happen. Now that grandma has passed we don’t have a reason to go back….but when we did we always stopped for a huckleberry shake..Rob’s favorite!

But we have discovered this Jam…YUMMY!IMG_5924

We don’t know Peggy….and she doesn’t have a website. But I asked her if I could share her info in case any of you want to try her jam. I appreciate small business and I like to support them all I can. Small town crafters, jam makers and the like. I appreciate small town values as well!  As soon as we opened this jam…I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich everyday…it is that YUMMY! Clarissa snuck in and got the last helping…I was hoarding it in the fridge.LOL! She found it.  All ingredients are listed..and everything is real.

So I called Peggy and placed an order…she got actual shipping costs..called me back with a total and shipped it as soon as she got my check. Very nice…very prompt! She sells Jalapeno huckleberry and plain huckleberry..we ordered both. very tasty and a great gift idea. The jars are 6$ each.

Thanks Much!


Peggy Clark


Just in case you can’t read it in the picture.




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