Football Fanatic

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Linda brought this quilt to me..she is a local gal. Her and her sister are fabulous quilters ..and they both bring quilts to me ..YAY!

They both tend to like really bright colors …Do they sound like my kind of girls or what?? LOL

Well Linda’s grandson is a young football player ( just like mine) and she made him this fun quilt ..She put a photo of him in the center..I quilted everything with black thread..she used a black flannel batting..but I did do one thread write his name under his picture…Just a little detail that makes it all that more special! I love personalizing things…I don’t know why? I think it is because I have an unusual name…and when I was a kid I didn’t have anything personalized..and I always wanted to find my name on something in the the brothers always could…I actually have a funny story about that….I will share it later.¬† So here’s the quilt:



So I had to share this:

My DH and my Ex-husband gather the boys and their friends for a fantasy football league money or anything just bragging rights for the winner..but they obsess over scores and players….and a friend of mine posted this on my facebook cause she knows what my house looks like so I thought¬†I would post it here cause it cracks me up…you know the true stuff is the funniest!

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