FB Fast half over

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So I thought I would give you all an update on the Fb fast/experiment.

Honestly, I was tempted on Tuesday to break my fast and post my publication. But I didn’t. I figured my Instagram and business page would be enough. I can post my news next week and it will be fine. That has been my only “temptation” simply because I know many of my friends have been waiting because I have been sharing.

I actually think maybe it wasn’t as much of a pull as I thought it was? I really thought I might get withdrawls and start twitching without FB ….but I seem ok.

I will say that this many days in, I do feel a lack of social connection. I live in a house with introverts that don’t talk as much as I do.  I miss interacting with people. This week was also weird because I got really bad news….and I didn’t want to talk. Then I got really good news that I did want to talk about. But I started thinking about how this is probably every week. Right? I mean we all have regular ups and downs and it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. That’s why I can’t break my fast.

But I did see why I am probably “transforming” into an introvert. I get many of my social needs met by social media in the comfort of my own home, without having to clean, shower or do anything special.

There is a good and bad side to that right>? There is nothing like one on one human interaction. But I must be getting “enough” of that with the people that live in my house. Social media is providing a social need for me. I love talking, sharing and being with people. It’s my nature. But now I can do it without a bunch of extra effort. That says something in itself. I am not saying I am opposed to it…but it’s becoming our culture. Which has it’s good & bad side.

But I will say, I referenced this earlier in the week that I have my own natural ability to create my own universe within my mind. I can day dream, fantasize and create an alternate reality like no other. So even when I am bored, don’t like to face things….ect I can go into my mind and create. It is sometimes unhealthy for me. Other times it has saved my life.  So with all of this I have realized that if I really need an escape I don’t need a phone or app to do it. I can do it on my own. Which I really already knew. I just didn’t link the two in the same category.

But with social media I can’t control the narrative. There are actual people there and I get to communicate, laugh, cry, pray ect and be inspired. It’s a good thing. Overall in my experience.

I will finish out the experiment and see what else I find.

Happy Thursday!


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