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Well this was my DJ monday…we all get together discuss blocks…Show&Tell our completed blocks. We have a few over acheivers that are ahead and they tell us the easiest ways to complete up and coming nice! I don’t do a lot because we really have to sew on our own to be successful with this quilt. I have been wanting to piece a few more blocks..but I am beginning to think I am like “Doug the Dog” on the Disney movie called “Up”…Do you know who I am talking about? They one who is always getting sidetracked by squirels..ya..that’s me.

So I was a machine pretty much all weekend..I got so much accomplished..I even sewed a quilt top for myself…pretty amazing! but the kids were gone most of Sunday adn I stayed up until they got home from their concert…which was 1 am. I know…it was out of town..but they all have a great time. I am glad they got to go..they said I should have gone with them because I would have loved it..I am sure I would  have. There was even a christian rapper….some of the older adult chaperones weren’t crazy about that….I think?

the boys were talking about him today. What a great trip..They had alot of fun! I am so glad God lead us to this church.

The srmon yesterday was really good. We took a break from dissecting “the Lord’s Prayer” and talked about missionary work ( there was a church board meeting yesterday) …He touched on several areas. One of them being “The Church” in general and the repuatation of Christians. How we are hypocrytes and how we hurt eachother more within the church than the world hurts us. I think that is really true..but I also think it’s because we have a higher expectation of our church family. So we trust them more.

I am guilty of this too.

I think because people are in church than they hear the same lessons I hear, right? They know the same God I know…But what I have come to realize is that we are all convicted of different things at different times. Some of us have to start at the bottom and work our way up..some people even though they sit in the pew ..they are just checking a box..they don’t take this God thing seriously..right? It always seems to be the people you least expect that don’t know the real heart of God. They put in the time but not the heart. God wants our heart.

Second thing he touched on is “we do this because this is how we have always done it.”  We all get into a rut don’t we? It’s easier to stay in the comfort zone rather into the unknown. Well here’s mytake on it…Life isn’t if you are comfortable…then you are stagnant. Honestly….I am no longer in the mentality of :”the other shoe is going to drop”…that is kind of a wounded way of fear. Instead I am looking at things as “What is my next lesson” …”where do I need to grow” ..”What’s my mission?” This takes fear out of the equation…and lets me open my heart to what God wants me to do. If I keep my eyes on him…and love him..he always works everything out for me. I am so amazed at every single turn. I cry thinking about it now. He has blessed me and taken care of me in so many AWESOME ways…it’s a bit overwhelming actually. I now know I am worthy. There is no fear….( well in some things. LOL…I have I am still working on that aspect of my fear.)

The pastor also talked about our gifts being used for ministry ..we need to be a church that looks outward..not inward. The church ( in general…not just ours) has been inwardly focused…and that is the wrong frame of mind. Our church is pairing up with other churches in our community to work withon our community and make an impact. But teh church can’t be outwardly focused unless it’s people’s hearts are outwardly focused. God/jesus Commanded us to love his people. So we need to use our special gifts for good. If there is a mechanic in the congregation he can do mechanics works for good…if there is an accountant…if there is a jailer..he can be a light in a dark place…ect.   Our Pastor has a way of talking to people and showing them that he cares for them…great quality.

I try ..but you know I have noticed that I am kind of a creature of habit…and I am always in my own mind when I am out in public. I scare reallly easily ( just ask my family they love scaring the pee out of me..every chance they get) because I am constantly thinking, creating and going through my to-do list in my head. I tend to drive the same path everyday…shipping, shop..ect…and if I have to add something to my list..I will sometimes forget and go on my regular routine cause my mind is so busy…I know..bad..I need to live in the moment more….smell the flowers…anyway..I think if i were to actually  stop and talk to people that may help them feel like I care about them..but I am always in such a hurry to get my stuff done.  SO I need to work on that a bit more. I do care for everyone I come in contact with.

Rob was sick all weekend..barely could scrap himself out of bed…lost 10 pounds. He is no longer on our diet. Joke is on him..he lost a bunch of water weight. Now Clarissa is sick ..poor gal. So I am praying I don’t get it. That would be bad. down with that for a 3 days…yuck!

Bryce is on shaky ground with his grades again…UGH!!! I hate fighting with them. he is in high school ..he needs to be on top of his studies. He admits he is lazy. How did I produce a lazy kid? it doesn’t seem possible. but I have a few of them.


Well I need to sign out and prepare for tomorrow. Have a blessed night!





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