Christmas Postcards

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Well I had been passing this line of fabric at the Patch for quite some time. ( it was a popular line and went fast)…..I liked the simple quilt with the panel of postcards. Itw as calling my name. But I do I really need another project? Do I need another Christmas quilt? I LOVE Christmas quilts.  I think my kids’ inheritance will be Christmas quilts…I am not kidding.


But While Michael was here…we went shopping and did some loitering at the shop. Donna loves me so much ~ I talked her into piecing this for me. It’s a simple quilt and we had a pattern but in order to make it simple we changed it a bit and used a Jelly roll. Michael tried to talk her into piecing for him….Ummm NO! She’s mine. LOL

So she’s been working on this….the reason I feel in love with this line ( by 3 sisters) is the postcards. The center of each block is a post card from a panel. The border fabric had to be fussy cut…so I could get all the postcards facing the correct way. I would have loved to have more of the border fabric but I bought all they had and it was just enough.  The reason I love the postcards?  It reminds me of that Judy Garland movie called “Meet me in St Louis”, do you remember that? Remember in the scene changes how they have a beautiful postcard ( well they may not have been postcards but could be postcard type images….I can’t remember now? It’s that season so Iw ill be refreshed). I seem to always catch that movie at Christmas time…so this quilt is just purely a Christmas memory ..and conjures up good feelings for me. Christmas always does. So it’s purely a selfish reason to want this quilt.

The blue border is actually flange..which makes it all the more lovely. My LQS hardly ever orders the blue from these I had to buy the rest of the bolt..cause I love that steely blue color. I am going to use it for backing as well. Donna did a beautiful job as always. She is a supreme piecer…and a great friend.



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  1. Amy November 27, 2012 at 4:02 pm - Reply

    You do such amazing work. I don’t tell you that neat enough. I just found two of the quilts you did for me. It made me want to quilt again. I will send you pictures after I finally bind them. I have been making small items for my craft show. Now that it is over I really want to make some bigger things. Thank you for the inspiration!

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