Center of Town

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Center of Town was sent by Carol…and this quilt was so BEAUTIFUL!

I immediately feel in love.  I was so happy when she let me have free reign to quilt as I wanted.

So I put a sun in each corner…like a quarter of a sun because each side of this town has different buildings..a church, courthouse, school ect. Then the trees…they are so divine. There is ribbon embroidery, regular embroidery and so much applique. This is a mix of many different techniques.

I filled the center area with feathers. the outer area is pebbled to death so you can see all of the smoke coming from the chimneys, the sun and it’s rays. I tried to keep the quilting simple within the buildings so that they would pop against the background.

I really didn’t want to send this one back….it’s so charming and beautiful. I love a good house quilt anyway.

She also sent a QOV to be quilted. I quilted it on the computer.

Swirls and stars!

Thanks so much for following along!


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