Brain Therapy

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So I saw this on FB and I immediately thought…..We all need this. Seriously!! Well I know that I for SURE need it anyway!

I am not a doctor or a scientist….or some famous researcher. I am a simple quilter. But this did resonate with me because I have done it before & it worked. Tomorrow I am setting an alarm on my phone for some point in my day so I can think of 3 things for which I am grateful. I need to change my mind set. I feel really bogged down with stuff. Stuff I can’t control.

Today I finally just hit a wall. Seriously. I am getting so worked up about the politics and the current state of chaos that we are all in….and quite frankly I shouldn’t be worked up about any of this…because it’s out of my control. I can only control myself and my actions.

But to be honest I got so worked up about those Catholic students that had been falsely accused in the media….

The truth is that I there is a news story that comes out every few days that gets me worked up. I am tired of all this non-sense. But the kids…..This is what upsets me. Kids should be left alone. Kids should not be targeted at all! That is crossing a line. We should ALL be able to wear what we want. Who cares if they are wearing MAGA hats? Who cares what color hair some one has? Who cares how someone identifies themselves? Let everyone be who they are. Why do adults get to say racist things and target our teens and the teens are crucified? What are we teaching our youth? I am so sickened by it all. My heart aches for those parents. There is so much to say. My emotions are all over the map. I was so upset that I bought a MAGA shirt to wear around town. If someone wants to pick on me….a grown adult by all means please do. I won’t fight back. I won’t give a hater the time of day. But at least if another adult picks on me….they are picking on an equal. They aren’t picking on a teenager. I would have never dreamed of buying a political shirt….but now I want 7 of them ..just to have one to wear out every single day to see how this affects my interactions. I want to know if I am called a racist or whatever else people call them. If anyone knew me they would know this is absolutely untrue. I could cry just thinking about this…but I refuse. We should all have freedom. We are AMERICANS!

I have seen many shirts, hats, logos ect that have offended me. Guess what I do? I walk away, look away…ect. Same as FB I see political rants by my friends frequently that I disagree with…I scroll on by. I don’t feel the need to comment for the sake of commenting. I don’t think anyone changes peoples mind on FB anyway. I certainly don’t go out of my way to hurt people, name call or harass.

I am sick of having to boycott this or that product because of political affiliations. I cannot imagine how life is going to be when we have to label every restaurant, store, brand, business, ect with their political affiliations so we all know whether or not we can support or not support them. It’s getting insane. But I am also boycotting certain things and leaving certain groups. I refuse to be a part of a group or business that is oppressive to any group of people. But it shouldn’t be this way. We should ALL be accepted. Everyone should be respected. There is so much to say….but I am leaving it at that.

So all of this was swirling today and then I saw the meme about “re-wiring the brain” I need to do this. I cannot just swirl in this filth and hatred…chaos all of the time. I need to focus on healthy & happy things. I am not sure how to stay informed so I can make good choices during election time….and not get worked up about all of these issues? It’s out of my control. All I can control is myself. All I can do is offer love and good vibes to my community. I cannot go about thinking of buying 7 political shirts and wearing them around town. If you all only knew…. I rarely leave my house anyway. It would be a waste of money. 1 shirt is good enough. I leave my house like 3 times a week. LOL And most of the time I am wearing a fleece vest over any shirt I wear…so the joke is on me because nobody will see my MAGA shirt anyway. Let’s be real. But I feel like I would have bought a Charles Manson shirt just to prove the point ( I wonder which shirt would get the most reaction?). I am sick of all of this. But as a parent to 6 children when a whole group of people target children. It really upsets me. …I think we need to address some things within our system. We are supposed to PROTECT the vulnerable parts of our society and that includes TEENS/CHILDREN.

So I am going to focus on good things. Get out of the muck and put a practice in place to pull me out when I get sucked in. I can’t keep going like this. No matter what side you are on….I think we are all suffering in this climate. I think everyone is pointing fingers at everyone. Each side is blaming the other. People are suffering in more than one way. I think something has got to give. It’s going to take all of us to compromise. I hope this storm ends soon. But until then an alarm is literally going off daily to make me stop, breathe, and be grateful …a good alarm!! Many blessings to all of you! I hope you all find your peace as well.

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