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Well I was baptized last Saturday night after the show.  I wasn’t expecting some feeling or blow-up experience. I have been steeped in my faith for a long time. I just wanted to take that step and make it official. So to speak. But I have to say I was getting attacked spiritually the whole day….I was actually expectying it after the fact…but I had a rough day as far as my family and I were concerned. I had to keep telling myself..that if I react ..I will be giving in. My boys were driving me bonkers. I was just exhausted and they were pushing me to my limit. Rob and I had an issue. While walking to the church I just asked the boys to “Stop” I asked them politely if they could just give me this time. without harrassing eachother…cracking jokes..ect.

I would have really loved to have some prayer time to myself. That doesn’t seem to happen when my house is full. OK I will live with it. I explained that this was a special time for me and I would like them to respect that. They were good for about ten minutes. I guess I can’t expect more than that…I am a mom.  I learn to sacrifice certain things. Sanity adn calm being one of them.

It’s a good thing that I already know who I am…who God is and what I was actually doing. I actually did/do have inner peace.. that’s ok..because I think I will always have outside distractions to contend with…so why should my baptism be different from any other day?

So the whole baptism experience was Great!….and I am glad I am able to be baptized. Thank you Jesus!

My children should also be thanking him that I didn’t react when I really wanted to. LOL PLease forgive me Jesus!


I have made the commitment to read my bible everyday. ( at least until I get through every book) I have stayed true. You know why? Well I was reading my bible pretty faithfully until I bought this little thing called an I-Pad. Now I spend more money and get sucked into browsing the net at night instead of reading like I want to. So a way to cure that? Download the free bible app. Yep! I actually like it because I can read it in any translation I wasnt..I can even go back and fourth looking through different ones. The {NLT} New living translation is my favorite for reading at night. But I like to look at some in the NKJV.  the only problem so far? when I want to memorize something or write notes..I can’t…I can’t highlight especially valuable verses to me. which is such a nice thing. But it’s a technology age.. my I-pad is so much lighter at night….plus I don’t have to have an overhead light…pretty handy. just thought I would let you case the I-pad bug has alos got a hold of you.

Now that I have been baptized Bryce is acting funny. Today I was talking with my brother..he came for a spontaneous visit as he was driving through town ( I miss him..I wish we lived were closer). My brother is not a christian. He was talking about a person we dislike..LOL and saying some things…and I just kind of avoided the harshness and was lightly correcting him…Bryce said “Oh mom was just baptized..she trying to have holy thoughts”

The funny thing is that anything i say to him that is remotely pure, spiritual, advise…anything a parent does…he says “Oh mom is having holy thoughts” LOL He doesn’t mean it in a mean way…but he fails to recognize that I have not changed..I was like this before Saturday? So maybe it has him thinking? I don’t know. But it makes me chuckle..that suddenly I would have “Holy Thoughts” or “thinking”  Ahhh..these kids.

He has also been using some of my terms that I always say to him…like “Oh there’s always a reason that happens..” he makes fun of me..but at the same time he is starting to understand why I say those things.  So that’s good to see. So maybe there will be more baptisms in our future. I want them to be 100% sure before they take the plunge. So  we shall see.

Just wanted to share about my experience.


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  1. Terry Cobb July 6, 2012 at 3:45 pm - Reply

    congats on your baptism! i took the plunge in the ice cold pond behind our church july 24 of last year. and our son, niece, and her friend were dunked last Sunday. i equal it to the difference between living with someone and marrying them. it is that public display of “I LOVE YOU JESUS” that is so wonderful! he has truly given you a gift of atristry with your quiltwork! you have definitely found your niche! just wanted to tell you congrats! my gram was baptized in the Jordan river when she was 76. amazing. someday perhaps, someday! i can only imagine what i must have felt like for her! have a beautiful day! :)

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