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Caroline and I have worked together several times…she has been with me since the beginning ( of my career). It’s been awhile because she bought her own long arm. :)

She wanted some Charisma Curls…and I love to oblige. IMG_4448

She pieces beautifully. I did lots of outlining as well..I tend to do that with her quilts because she always chooses a beautiful focus fabric that needs to be highlighted rather than compete with any kind of quilting. IMG_4452 IMG_4451 IMG_4450

I find this to be one of the more difficult things about deciding on a quilting design. I am asked quite frequently how I decide what to quilt where. There is no perfect recipe for this. Sometimes the quilt owner will tell me how they want it quilted…or we plan together. Sometimes they send it to me and tell me to quilt how I want. Sometimes they send it with a picture or diagram. When I am left to my own creativity….there still is no perfect recipe. Especially on a quilt that has so many factors…like a piece of beautiful focus fabric. Sometimes it’s best to quilt an all-over design…because with an all over design it doesn’t usually take over the quilt …it just kind of blends in. I admit that this is hardly my “go-to” plan. I have to think about it for a bit before I decide on that…not because I am ever against it….it’s always because I always want to see if there is something I can bring out. Whether it’s movement..whether I need to highlight something..or hide something else? Each quilt is different. The other thing to do is use the fabric ( or pattern)  as the guideline..outline and highlight certain aspects so you are just bringing out the elements that should be focused on. This quilt actually uses both techniques..I did all over charisma Curls..but in the fancy border I outlined and highlighted…in the center I outlined several Peonies..& filled in with CC’s.  IMG_4449

I always find it a bit funny too( it didn’t happen in this case) when I am sent a picture and the owner says “How would you quilt this?” I go through the process and give them my ideas….then I get the response of “Well I would like Feathers and Charisma Curls” …OK? Why didn’t they just say that? Hehe. Oh well. it’s good to always have options. IMG_4454 IMG_4453

Anyway that is a little lesson in quilt planning ( well at least the way my brain works)’s always a pleasure working with you..Thanks so much!


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  1. Caroline S March 15, 2013 at 8:13 am - Reply

    I am so excited to see the top finally quilted. You have quilted it like I would have. Perfect. Thanks Charisma

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