An Experiment For Myself

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I record and watch Lisa Ling’s show. She recently did an episode on technology, social media and what is happening these days with us as a whole and our addictions to our phone, social media, gaming ect.

I am guilty.

I decided that tomorrow ( Sunday November 4th, 2018) I am going to delete my FB app and I am not allowed to access FB for a week. It’s the one social media outlet that I am addicted. I have Instagram but I rarely access it. I don’t like it as much as FB. I will keep my messenger app live in case anyone needs to talk to me. I will also have my texting-phone and email. I mean, I run a business online….so I can’t give up any of that completely. However, I want to see if I can “give up the addiction” for a week. I also want to see how my life is different for this week .

I honestly think it will be difficult for me. Just an FYI my blog posts automatically post to my business page …so I don’t have to access FB for this to show up there. :)

Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised by my results?

Anyway, I think most of my life I have been an extrovert. I currently live with 2 introverts. They are inherently that way. I feel that I am transforming into an introvert. I am wondering of this just has to do with age>? Life experiences? Or if it really because I am getting my social needs met by social media>?  Last week Rob wanted to go out to dinner and I didn’t want to go simply because I didn’t want to shower and get dressed into real clothes. I didn’t feel a need to go into public. I am not sure that 5 years ago I would have missed an opportunity to go anywhere…somewhere ect. I always like to be out doing something. I am no longer that way.

I think there are many things causing this transformation. But I really want to see how giving up FB for a week will change my routine. I have also decided not to sleep with my phone next to my bed. It’s going in another room for the night. I don’t have it on….so I don’t ever hear when people call in the middle of the night. But I think it’s unhealthy for me to have it near me all of the time. I am going to do these little things to break some of my patterns of “addiction” and see what happens.

I will let you know next week how all of this goes….maybe you’ll get a middle of the week update if I am struggling and need to talk about it…lol…or maybe some big epiphany will hit me and I will want to write about it. I don’t know. But we will see where this leads. So tonight before I go to bed I am going to delete the app and see where this experiment will lead me. :)

Have any of you done this? what were your feelings about it all?

This will be interesting.

Happy Saturday!




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