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Hi friends,
well today’s sermon was really good. My favorite pastor preached (but said he wouldn’t be there next week..darn!) He spoke about loving like Jesus Loves. Forgiving like Jesus Forgives.

He talked about “Cold Love”

Cold Love is love with boundaries, Fake Love….Fake it til ya make it kind of love…..Any love that is not true love.
He explained that a “Real” love on earth example is marriage. After we see the true person, all their dirty laundry and we love them despite their short comings kind of love. I have been divorced I realize the short comings of marriage love.
That’s how God loves us right? He knows us inside and out and he loves us despite ourselves….and how we feel about ourselves…how we use our freewill for good or bad.
Part of true love is learning how to forgive people around us. The kind of forgiveness that means forgiving someone even if they don’t deserve it. If the other person can’t meet you halfway….you make the whole trip.
We are trying to be more like Jesus…not trying to be a better version of ourselves. God made us in his image..this means we need to be more like him.

We can’t hang on to things (hurts, anger, ect). Then we could become bitter. Bitterness eats at us and makes us want revenge..even if we don’t act on it. We want that other person to feel pain……if we truly forgive we just love that person. Loving someone doesn’t mean you have to be a part of their lives and have a one on one relationship…you can love someone from afar.

He talked to us as a church body. He asked people who have issues with our neighbors or fellow church members to work those out. We need to be united. The bible says that you can’t LOVE God and hate his people. It isn’t possible…he lives in us right?

So I noticed a few people get up and go to the kitchen area ( a few women in particular who are always bickering with each other) and they came out holding hands and drying their tears. Pretty moving. God was working on some people. I wasn’t inspecting everyone…I just happened to notice them because one was sitting next to me.

I feel like I am a forgiving person….I try to love people…what I need to do is not let my emotions take over in the initial heat of the moment, especially when I am being attacked. This last couple of weeks something happened….I didn’t act on anything..but it was difficult to go through. I realized today as I was being prayed over that all though I had pieces …I missed one..and my pastor pointed it out to me. It felt great and I have let it go. I don’t have control over anything in my life and my life is in good hands.
I also asked my pastor a question after the service…..

In the summer, he gave a sermon about forgiveness. He said that if we truly forgive someone it won’t affect us anymore…whatever they did. But it bothered me because I thought

“Well if I have forgiven my mom….than why does it bother me that I won’t ever have the childhood that I should have? or the relationship?”
So I asked God to help me figure it out.

I feel like I have been blessed in so many ways since not having my mother in my life. It’s a hard thing to say for someone with a normal mom right?
Well anyway in the last couple of months i feel even more blessed in the area of having that void filled in my heart. God has brought so many wonderful women into my life that have spiritually adopted me. There are a few so close to my heart and one that really said she would adopt me.. came to me today at church and called me her Mom. She told everyone around us that I was her adopted daughter. Honestly, my heart leaped bounds because she is such a kind woman and I know she did that because she honestly loves me. She is one of many in my life both virtual and in my physical life. That have helped me realize I am a daughter of the King. He entrusted me to someone who fell short…But that’s ok..because He never does! God created me..he didn’t give me up..he has been with me the whole time
I had wrote a few months ago that I sometimes feel a tinge anytime I see a Mother & Daughter out shopping or having lunch…because I feel that I won’t ever have that. I recognized when I had that tinge the last time ..that I needed to let that go. Of course I analyzed that to myself to see if it was because I hadn’t forgiven her…or just because I am still hurt by my life.I noticed that it wasn’t just a longing…I reverted back to “Little Charisma” who always wanted to be rescued ..or felt like she was adopted..or wanted to be adopted into another family. Now that I have been adopted into a family of women who genuinely care for me ..not because they have to…but because they are called to and they want to..well that feels so much better than what I would have imagined.
Ephesians 1:5
He predestined us to be “adopted” as his son(&daughters) through Jesus Christ in accordance to his pleasure and will…..

How beautiful is that??!!

I think it’s ok to admit that I was hurt. I think…. it’s not OK to let it define me or ruin my life or be at the forefront of all my decisions. Up until today, I think that ( Or I thought that) if I admitted that I was hurt, I felt like I was “living” in the past..because we cant live in the past. I thought if I had admitted I had a bad childhood that I somehow hadn’t forgiven.Not true..those are lies. It seems with each step I get closer to healing there is always something trying to hold me back. My pastor pointed out today… just that. I have to push those things away and not let them get in the way. So yes..I have forgiven…I am on the path to healing.

Here is a quote about forgiveness that I thought I would share….it completely displays how I view see it now

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.” -Paul Boese

I think it’s ok to recognize so I can move on and make better choices.I also recognize that God is moving mountains in my life…if I love other people….people will love the most unexpected ways. God’s ways are always better than my own. I can’t love because I am hoping for that in return…I already have it. I have to love like him because that is what I am called to do.
So no faking…..I just need to keep my emotions in check when someone is attacking me…I need to actually love them more. I rarely act on them so the other person doesn’t know…but in my mind I act them out…LOL. I really want to get to the point of skipping that step all together….I do think it’s possible.

I love this quote by Mother Teresa

“We cannot do great things on this earth. We can only do small things with great love”

How true is that?…even when things seem so huge to us..they are so small to God. He is LOVE and we can only do great things with him. SO I will leave you all with that today.
You got a sermon and my thought process. Please feel free to let me know if I am missing something…elaborate on something more…or simply to say I get it..I understand. Love ya!

7 thoughts on “Sunday Sermons..

  1. HI C,
    What a wonderful sermon.I have a question……how much does the binding lady charge……The one I am sending for the boys to quilt I am considering having her do the binding.Do we make the binding or just send her the material….also will she have time to get it done by Christmas?

    1. Thank Judy for adopting me! I appreciate it!
      As far as the binding gal..if you want it done by hand it’s 15$ for the first 100inches..and 10 cents for each additional inch. If the quilt gets here soon enough..Yes Beth can get it done in time for Christmas ..she is usually pretty fast ..and the binding looks really nice.

  2. Do I make the binding or to I just send the fabric for it….it can be done by machine…doesn’t matter. I would like her to do it. The quilt should be there by the end of the week. Does she have paypal or do I just pay you?

    Huggs Judy

  3. I get it girl…..Our sermon was on being made by God and that everything that has happened to us was for us to be where we are with God…maybe it took those things to bring us to God…not always saying why why but trusting in God that all things work the way HE planned. Love you girlie and still waiting to see what you wanted me to applique and I know I still have not mailed moms things to you but I will make myself go to the storage building ( thanksgiving was just really hard for me so I was in the slumps for awhile but kicking my butt to get back on the right road) trusting that I WILL see my mom again and that it could be TODAY…. Blessings T

  4. got hung up on my quilt….couple more days I will have it on its way……..I will be binding it myself…..I am going to have a day that I do nothing but bind so I should be able to git it done. Go to go sew………Huggs Judy

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