Le Jardin…..quilted.

This quilt took a bit more time than Angels. I stayed up late again…My Dh thinks I don’t sleep and complains that I never come to bed. He said he is going to start locking my studio so I can have a day off. I know I need to take that hint….{hint?..lol}.

I think the problem is that I LOVE my job. Of course I love him and my children more…so will be taking days off. However…when you are so wanting to see the final result of something, it is hard not to keep going. {I wish I felt that way about exercise.} So many times I will put in hours upon hours on something that I should extend over a few days for my own sanity..but I get so “obsessed” for lack of a better word just to see it finished….it will nag at me until it’s done. It’s the creative juices that just flow….and you just have to go with it before it leaves.

Well so many times I walked away from this quilt yesterday…went shopping…went to lunch with my family,quilted a shop quilt….coming back to work on it here and there….but thenI got to the point ofno return and knew I was staying up late to finish it. LOL


So the border gets a kind of Mctavish design..I think I need to study her designs I am not really sure I know how to mctavish?..I just kind of “fill in” space. Then in the little dark inner border…I went to my IPad and pulledup atranslation site…I put in specific words to translate from english to french..then I quilted in the french terms for different items in my garden.I also signed my name within the quilt with the year…it’s in a pretty “plain asday spot”..but I don’t thinks it’s noticeable because of the fill in work..{love the hidden messages…Maybe that’s why Clarissa had to write meaningful words to herself in her first quilt? She is so much like me}. The rest I just wanted to create texture…..andmake my garden become a living garden. I am in love with this little quilt. It was peiced and appliqued by Emmy. Emmy is so sweet! I am glad to havemether on QB and she is did a wonderful job on my quilt.

Thanks Emmy!



2 thoughts on “Le Jardin…..quilted.

  1. The needle turn is wonderful…great job…and your quilting makes this quilt speak out too. Love both of the quilts and the great workmanship in both just awesome.

  2. You sure do get better with Age….That is the most beautiful quilt. Maybe I will get that good one day.
    You are blessed Charisma, knowing just what and where to put the longarm designs.
    Love you

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