I am Charisma. Yes, that is my real name. I am a wife, mother to six children (they are all grown now), Christian, and I am a professional longarm quilter, pattern designer, regular contributor to magazine publications, teacher, and fabric designer.  Those are all of my titles in no certain order. I have been quilting for several years. I decided to make it more than a hobby in August of 2010. I bought my first long arm, a 26 inch Innova, by August of 2011, I bought a second machine.  We now have a Third machine. A Gammill with a Statler. A computerized quilting machine. I have quilted more than 9000 customer quilts and I have over 1000 of my own. I have a range of work as you can see in my gallery. I am in for the adventure that comes with my life and this business.  I love to learn new things, expand and add new things regularly. 

 I have been published in more than 100 magazines and have an online store with several designs available. I am focusing on designs that speak to me. More advanced embroidery, Christian based designs and regular quilt patterns. I love to mix textures, design styles and everything in between. I love to take mosern blocks that we all know and love and make them fresh with color and mixed settings. 

I also just want to add that I want this blog/site to be a place for inspiration. Inspiration comes in many forms. Yes, quilting is my job. I hope my quilting gives you inspiration in some way..of course. I also write very freely of my personal struggles and what is going on in my life. I have come a long way in my life and I am trying to process this journey of life. I hope that it touches you in some way whether it be that you have already been through this stage..or you are going through what I am going through or if you can’t relate that you just say a simple prayer, send me a good vibe or energy in whatever form you believe. If you ever need that from me..please contact me I am always available for that. The views expressed here are my own personal views. Charisma’s Corner. That doesn’t mean I am right or wrong. It’s just where I am in whatever process I am in.  I always welcome your thoughts in love. Much inspiration .Many blessings!