• This is a digital PDF for Home for Christmas. This is a fun quilt to make and display or cuddle with for the holidays. Every thing is block based and made with traditional rotary cutting techniques. Let me know if you have any questions.
  • This is a digital download for Hearth. I wanted to create a design using log cabin blocks but modernize it in my own fresh way. traditionally they use red centers in log cabin blocks to represent the Hearth of a home. I have created my own hearth with a focal star.
  • This is a digital pattern for Heart To Heart -a sweet quilt made with big blocks for ease. The cover quilt is made with a beautiful line of romantic florals. But This would be made modern and bold with some solids or bright colors. Personalize it and make it your own.
  • This is a digital download for Happy Mail. This is a great FQ friendly or scrap friendly project. I designed this quilt and decided I needed help to get it accomplished. So 41 of my social media friends send blocks from all over the USA and Canada to make these samples. My heart swells with the warm and generosity of quilters every where. This would make a great guild project.
  • This is a digital PDF for Happy Hour, Happy hour is a fun, quick and easy quilt. It's bold, modern and the focus stays on the color or fabric choices. Let me know if you have any questions. happy to help.
  • This is a listing for a digital download pattern for Handpicked. This is a quilt made from simple blocks that we all know and love. But with a little color planning, we create a focal point that takes the simple quilt to something greater.
  • This is a listing for a PDF pattern for Guiding Stars pillows. This is a foundation pieced pattern. These pillows are such a great way to use color and to create a dynamic project in a short amount of time. These are also make great gifts.
  • This is a digital listing for my pattern called Groovy Chutes. I made my sample with a line called Good Vibes by Christa Watson. This quilt bring memories from childhood in the 80's. Playing on the monkey bars, chutes and ladders and all of the groovy good colors that speak of the times. This quilt is very easy to construct and a great weekend project.
  • This is a digital download for grandma's cocoa quilt. These are big blocks that are easy to construct. You can mix and match them and personalize them as desired. I also embroidered a recipe in Icelandic from my grandma's hot cocoa recipe. Feel free to stitch your own recipe ( although mine is included) or you can replace it with one of the blocks. This is a sweet quilt that is great to personalize.
  • This is a digital download for Good Times. I am a fan of mid century modern designs. I created this as a fun sampler of blocks mixed up in a variety of fun colors.
  • This is a digital PDF for Good & Plenty quilt pattern. This is a jelly roll friendly pattern. Great for scraps and or solids. It sews together quickly and creates a great design when using contrasting fabrics.
  • This is a digital download for Gnome Follies. Gnome follies is a cute pattern featuring gnomes and flowers. There is some applique ( I do fusible but you can do any type you prefer) and regular rotary cutting & piecing. Let me know if you have any questions,


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