Hi everyone…

I have some advise for you:

First:Don’t wear headphones if you have any static electricity while handling batting..I thought I was going to die when both of my ears were shocked by my headphones..and my reaction time or thought process kept getting interference til I realized it was the batting so I had many shocking experiences. I am pretty sure I have a perm in my ear hair now.

Second : don’t drink 32 oz of green tea before going to Zumba…especially if you are a woman who has given birth to many children…word of warning: A panty liner won’t cut it..get some depends. Just a little FYI!

Third: if you do decide to eat freeze dried grasshoppers…my son has informed me that the legs tend to hang around in your mouth for awhile…and they stick in your teeth. But apparently they really like the bacon and cheddar ones. FYI.

Lessons from Charisma…that’s what we will call that segment. Just thought I would pass on that info.

Other than that it snowed a whole bunch today..in fact it’s still snowing. I made in through Zumba class..we will see how I feel tomorrow or the day after but I did agree to go back next week. I have to say I am really uncoordinated….out of shape obviously. But I am really sure that my gut was shaking with the best of them..in fact I think it was getting momentum..I couldn’t stop it from shaking..thank goodness they dim the lights and put on dance lights…kind of makes the experience a bit less humiliating…I kept think I would take it in 5 minute increments…65 minutes really seemed daunting. But I made it. YAY ME!
I also decide I could never be on DWTS..I am not in tune with my body enough to make it move more than a couple things at once..it’ to much to think about moving my hips, legs, arms, shoulders..so I just did the best a could and made sure I was moving the whole time.

I stayed true to my eating plan today…I even have room for a little snack tonight. Chocolate pudding and a banana. YAY!

I hope you all have a fabulous night!

2 thoughts on “ZUMBA

  1. You are so funny, but then I had four boys so I can imagine what your life is like. A sense of humor is a must. And don’t ever act embarrassed or they get worse.

    1. YOU exactly know my pain Judy! Never let them see ya sweat! ( as the old comercial says)
      They will be on you like white on rice..they sense any fear. LOL

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