Zoe, The Cover Girl

I am so excited to share this with you!


Do you all subscribe to Quiltmaker Magazine? I do…..and I got this beauty in the mail…it’s the March Issue of Quiltmaker magazine and it’s special because I quilted that cover quilt. YAHOOOO!! We made the cover!!

Deb Grogan is a great designer. You can find her website here.

She also has a Fb page you can find here.

She has been a designer for many years. She design in many genres and she is currently working on quilt patterns. I am honored to work with her. I had such fun quilting Zoe….and I had to keep it a secret until the magazine was released. 🙂

zoey 2The sad thing is that my name is not mentioned in the magazine. 🙂 That happens frequently with long arm quilters. I am ok with that because it’s just an honor to work on quilts.

Thanks Deb for giving me the chance to work with you! Can’t wait for our next projects!

Many blessings to all of you!


2 thoughts on “Zoe, The Cover Girl

  1. That`s exactly what I was going to say…thy didn`t mention your name….awwww I think you deserve some credit….such a cute quilt!!!

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